Google plans to launch a children’s version of the search engine and browser

August 12, 2017 0 Comments


Diwangi said: "we want to do after much consideration. This will provide a suitable tool for parents to understand their children’s use of our products."

Beijing time on December 4th morning news, Google vice president of Engineering Pafuni · Diwangi (Pavni Diwanji) said that Google plans to launch a child friendly version of the most popular products under the flag to bring fun to use and safety for children.


Google spokesman declined to comment, but confirm this news is accurate. (Wei Jin

Google plans to launch a children’s version of search engine and web browser

Google is likely for the development of children under the age of 12, YouTube search engine and Chrome browser. However, Google did not set a timetable for the plan.

A special version of

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