A tree the optimization techniques of Shanghai Longfeng analysis single page

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code must be reduced. Single page optimization requirements each page code must streamline, don’t mix too much redundant code inside, try to search a simple code.

4. keywords bold code such as: < b> Keyword< /b> < stong> Keyword< /stong>, bold keywords. The frequency is not too high, and in the choice of keywords in bold main keywords is preferred.


3. < H1> < website; /H1> < H2> < /H2> < H3> < /H3> Tags (H tags) use. In the optimization process of most sites, with reduced H tag, the page will have little to use H tags, but the optimization process of a single page, H tag role is relatively large.

1. web page title must be all different, for each page overview of the contents of the text, the combination, meet the needs of search engine. And it is the perfect completion of the page title, keywords and description.

? The 2. page Use

Shanghai dragon on the site, especially for the less content sites, such as enterprise station, station and other products, especially now Taobao guest single page windfall profits products, optimization is more important. Often a single page in the website optimization optimization plays a decisive role in the key words. So the single page how to optimize

6. text links, general text link format: < ahref= 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝 > < /a> Shanghai dragon; and in the course of our single page optimization, this paper links the best format is as follows: < ahref= 贵族宝贝x>

, 5. pictures of the character of ALT tag as < imgsrc= "keyword.jpg" alt= "keyword" />. Text explanation in the picture is very important, because the search engine of the code is ignored, the picture information search engine to crawl. A page, it only describes our text, pictures and links to all the code, in fact, is not any value for the search engines, when we use ALT characters give explanation, this code is significant effect. Here the frequency to the specific circumstances on the same site and decide, can not add all keywords in all the picture description, so it is easy to let the search engine mistaken for cheating.

the author summed up the following method to optimize the single page, we want to help:

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