Do you know how to query keywords it competition

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also will be divided into several levels (this value here is to love Shanghai as the reference index:

keyword search indexWe used the

love Shanghai keywords tool

of course, in the practical application, we may find that there are a large number of search results and the degree of competition is not the same situation. In this case, the SERP number is not to see the number of results returned reliable, there is great need for water, a comprehensive assessment of the analysis of the other conditions.

search 300-500: to belong to medium;



search results: 100-300 million belong to medium term;

there is one technique we recommend is: according to the number of web page titles containing the target keywords keywords to determine the intensity of competition, the more the greater the intensity of return results.

search results: this

the number of competitive level

belongs to 300-500 million;

search results more than 5 million: belong to difficult words.

; The results are as follows: )

in Shanghai or Google input box to input the keywords, the search engine returns the number of results returned, the greater the number, the greater the degree of competition is less, of course, that returns the number, the degree of competition to small.

keyword search results number (SERP)

method steps

tools / materials

search number less than 100: belong to the competition of smaller;


to do a website to check the website keywords, keywords will directly influence the website traffic and conversion rate. Do you know how to query the keywords

query syntax for intitle: target keywords, for example, we see during the competition degree, can input:, returns the love Shanghai number is 9, it means that there are 9 page titles containing keywords.

tool is the love of Shanghai index, this value reflects the user search keywords frequently, the greater the searches, that the word business degree is higher, the better the effect brought by nature, this word is also the target for numerous businessman, because of the difficulty of competition will be greater.

100-300: the search number belongs to the average small;



search results: 50-100 million belong to the middle small words;

The number of

500-1000: the number of searches on the middle part of the

search results less than 500 thousand: belong to weak words;

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