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CPA can also use some of the plugins, some networks may have been when killing Trojans, but you can find those engaged in hacking people to kill, the effect is good, for the rich people, the risk of out of input and output, the effect is very good.

for URL channels, you may be more familiar with, when you have multiple sites, URL channels can track the performance of different sites. And for custom channels, some may be less familiar.

How to promote

first of all, the clear "external name" is very important, advertisers through this name will be able to clearly know which page appears on the page, where the page appears, as well as advertising formats. You can set the external name by setting two options, namely, ad display and ad position.

in custom channels, you can also sell your web site to advertisers by setting up "customizable custom channels", so you can get more site positioning ads. You can customize the channel positioning detailed description of the ad unit, and open to advertisers, advertisers will see such detailed information websites and advertising you in their account, and then put on the web site to your web site advertising positioning.



first of all you have to do is choose those limited amount of League, and those payments cycle short, generally from my point of view, it is best to choose those who have just established the alliance soon, so that the amount of deduction is not much.

2. marketing website to attract advertisers

? group, chat rooms, and so on, where there was a promotion, group and chat rooms generally recommended do erotic class, pay attention to your behavior, not too fire, as Wangzhuan, suggest that you go to the forum to promote, can also play some PPt advertising, after all click Wangzhuan class, are new, these newcomers are very interested in, do not advise you to make money online to promote creative navigation, after all, to the people, is the higher than a master, a smart, can not go, it is best not to go, is not what promotion effect of course, learning is to learn, there are some good resources, anyway, in a word, to the novice in many places, the most effective

said above is some promotion methods, but obviously this is not enough, because your site is new, almost no one, advertisers see data is strange, your web site is what ah, how such a high conversion rate, to 10 people, there are 9 registered on this is obviously cheating, so your K number, you have no one, how to solve this problem, is very simple, is to brush their own flow, how to brush, brush it with what, you see yourself, recommended by CACA, can also be ME, it is generally not easy to find, I here to give you a net.

as above, when you put different ad units in different "position, through custom channels, you can track each ad unit, through analysis and comparison of the tracking data, you can further adjust your site and optimization.


in the account and click "AdSense settings" tab, enter the "channel" plate, right click on the corresponding channel "to modify the settings into the channel edit page, you can set a custom channel positioning. There are several important points in the setup process:


secondly, be sure to tick "check the channel for ad layout to advertisers" so that your configuration can be seen by advertisers.

custom channel has two main functions: first, to evaluate the current advertising configuration; secondly, to promote the website and attract advertisers. Now let’s introduce each one.

1. evaluates the current ad configuration

after you have completed the above settings, in the advertiser’s account, when they search your site or your related topic, you will see all of your matches


is to "explain" and to promote your website objectively and accurately. It is important to attract advertisers to advertise more on your website. The introduction of general channels should include websites or channels, topics, views, user data, etc..

below is an example of a custom channel that can be positioned:

, what I brought to you today is a train of thought for CPA. It’s just a train of thought. I’m going to dig my own project,

The last and most important point of

in addition, the name of the channel is also very important, clear name can be convenient for you to manage multiple channels.

select the alliance, is to enter the union to choose products, products on the choice, to choose those moderate price, so that prices can be, and the audit is not very strict. Build a professional website for your chosen alliance, and if you find it troublesome every time, you can build a navigation site, which makes it much more successful. Once and for all,

what have been done, then you can do a temptation page, specifically what kind of temptation page, see your hobby, can be erotic types, can also be explained in Wangzhuan type, your temptation page, your resource price is very high, but at present the promotion phase, as long as the completion of the registration task of new registered users can get free, let him registered, contact you, of course, the best you have related products, to share with them, after all, honesty is very important. So your main problem is to promote your temptation page.

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