Frequent changes in site tiele is taboo to cater to the user experience

August 12, 2017 0 Comments

then the webmaster can imitate others, based on user experience and frequently modify your site title? Personally think this is still a taboo, although it changes title to get good results, but we can find that its website snapshot did not update, October 8th, this can be seen by the number of sites after modification of title some influence; also this website is a very high weight website, if we blindly imitate, will let the website drop right, so we don’t blindly follow.

title should then write, frequently modify website title is taboo, we all know that title is easy to modify the site causing the site to drop right, and frequent to modify it will is a site kill practice, this is the webmaster of the view of most conventional, there are many webmasters try to modify the title because the site right down to the hard; therefore the conventional approach is to deliberate before it in writing, once written, it is best not to touch it.



3, the next user attention Festival title

this site’s purpose is to modify the site title, varied according to the holiday changes, everything just to better cater to the user experience, imagine, when National Day arrived to see to National Day as the theme of the website title, and the content is mostly about the national day, when another day came, and change into another theme, so the user can not click on the title? From the user’s perspective, this is a good way to experience the method is also a very good user. Use this way to modify the site title, has obtained a good effect, the key is generally able to row in the first home position, when the National Day website, title is National Day theme related keywords in the first row; now in singles and Thanksgiving as the theme of the title, we found his words again to the first one, which can be summed up in this way is a good method.

2, the Double Ninth Festival arrives the website title



but when a website is to modify the title in order to cater to the user experience of it? And be like a result? All of the current user experience of the word is very sensitive, it seems like Shanghai algorithm no matter in all the myriads of changes, always cannot do without the user experience of the track, so in the construction site, the optimization of all all around the user experience to do, even a lot of friends think, in front of the user experience, and the original chain are the clouds, here is a look at the user experience and to modify the site title:

, the 1 meet National Day website title

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