Four kinds of trend of the chain in 2013

August 12, 2017 0 Comments

as we all know the chain has a key role in the optimization of the site. Some people put a small clever move to this place, to buy or sell a chain, resulting in chain coordination. Here said the uncoordinated chain we can be summarized into two aspects: one is the two link exchange site weight is not coordinated, the other is a number of import and export Links uncoordinated. For example, a very high weight site in the chain to a very low weight of new sites, or a site link serious than link everywhere. These two phenomena are likely to be search engine that is bought Links, competition link factories and other informal, Cleverness may overreach itself., this operation may bring harm to the destruction of the site. Love Shanghai recently updated a related algorithm for chain coordination. The following figure love Shanghai head of the community bulletin shows:

said Every dog has its day!, Shanghai needs to follow the search by a dragon, yesterday or 100 test Braun ranking techniques, today is not worth a hair. You might say a ruler, one upmanship, opportunistic behavior of the update speed of search engine will not follow Shanghai dragon Er, the idea is not wrong. But the search engine will make you more like a There is no way in., rule of law and improve the state, you may rarely see theft, robbery and other crimes, and the search engine algorithm is the same, it will form a visible or invisible dragnet to stop you some irregular behavior. With the continuous change of the search engine, from 2013 the arrival of more than a month, the author will change in the search engine of the last stage of the chain trend analysis of 2013.

will gradually disappearShanghai dragon Er

for domestic sex Shanghai optimization webmaster, Shanghai love their products outside the chain is undoubtedly recognized outside the chain of high quality. Do not say first love has swept Shanghai know the chain, now many webmaster is still non-stop to love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Post Bar experience of Shanghai library and so on the construction of the chain, in addition to including the webmaster cute love Shanghai encyclopedia, I have seen people selling the chain in Taobao encyclopedia, a chain shouted the thirty or forty, is a "golden chain". Although the love of Shanghai’s own products is a treasure, but we can find that nowadays there is a trend of weight is love Shanghai products chain can transfer is shrinking, even no effect, such as love experience of Shanghai has joined n> in the chain

here we see love Shanghai for a further blow to the chain through the purchase of cheating in the site, not only the purchase of the chain site was not to be trusted, even the sale of the chain site regardless of big station station will not be trusted by the love of Shanghai. And, the next period of time to buy and sell the site links to focus on. This is not visible coordination chain will gradually disappear in the future.

: no coordination Links

two: Shanghai love their products and transfer the weight reduction of

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