7 years out of personal webmaster webmaster circle transformation of Taobao Shanghai Longfeng actual

August 12, 2017 0 Comments

because of my Yulin is the origin of passion fruit, so I chose to sell the fruit, sell this one, huh. The current monthly sales of 5000-10000 million pounds, basic earnings, little work. Taobao store opened early, wait a few days have no buyers, like a new born didn’t flow thinking hard, why? Why "? No credit, no source, baby don’t sell wood? Later found in the original Taobao buyers shopping is generally a rookie the level is nothing more than through the Taobao search box enter the keyword, then check the seller, we sell the same things, like a personal website, the same. The ranking, low price, high reputation of the shop, transaction records more, naturally become the first choice for buyers. It is a pressing matter of the moment of passion fruit up the rankings, but how to do a new shop "? So I apply for a trumpet, took the first sale and buy their own things, and then give yourself praise, so the birth of the first transaction, the keyword also increased from tenth to third. Page, happy to die. Just wait for almost a week and finally someone to buy my stuff, so the first month turnover of about 4, 5. Communicate with buyers and each transaction I have patience, tell them of my shop, give praise, do Links, of course, this is a cost, early I do not earn a penny, according to the market price to sell, they sell 5 yuan a catty, I only have 3, and mail package.

said the following about me more than a year of feeling and experience, hope the prawns don’t throw a brick, hope to have a little help to the novice, after all, Taobao to sell things also depends on the keyword with the website keyword in Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai rankings, ranking good things to sell more.


second months in Wenzhou purchase back, open the Taobao background to see a mother to me, 10 people took my fruit, yet, when the mood, as personal webmaster keyword up to love Shanghai first. Go to the market to buy 200 pounds of fruit, packaging, delivery. Get after do not feel tired, feel the fruit.


in 1997 2004 to contact the computer, set up a personal website, some of the scenery along the way, had a little helpless, had a little dizzy. At the same time with my company or individual owners, or has a successful transition, or are still struggling. For more than a year has no contact website, feel healthy, fresh, colorful life in la. Recall those days of day and night stand, how much passion, how many feelings, how much bitterness. In a word, personal Adsense is now increasingly tough, so I at the beginning of this year with a shed with a vision to do part-time Taobao, mainly selling passionfruit in Taobao, in addition to their own operating a computer sewing machine accessories shop, the day is at leisure.

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