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what does English website do? Hui Hui believes that there are several aspects to consider.

The most effective way for

English website, Jian Hui think, will become grassroots Adsense next efforts goal. You might say, how many people look at the English website now? Or we will say, this English level, but also English website? These are the reason? Now do website English fewer people, not is a good opportunity? Don’t have to be 10 years, when the home do English website, you do


      the TOM and 163 to provide this type of advertising, the ads like banner advertising, advertising is just the keyword search results will appear in the search results page, relative to the text, the creative design of the picture is more attractive to the eye. In addition, the price of the ad is also quite low. For example, popular keywords "flowers", TOM search results page banner advertising only 3000 yuan a year, and if you choose the search engine fixed ranking first, 1500 yuan / month, a year is 18000 yuan. According to the national total 35 generation Internet banner ads Chinese channel revealed that the advertisement is in short supply, many popular word advertising has not yet expired, it was an appointment in advance, according to informed sources, the product may increase after July 1st.

      Web portals provide search engines usually have a generalized form of generalized log, fixed position, general login etc, which I think is the promotion of type log relative cost is the highest. Fixed ranking is usually in search of a keyword, the enterprise appears on the search page >

two, make a gift website, sell things to foreigners. You can make a Taobao like website. Hang some small gifts with Chinese characteristics on it. When Jianhui went to Xuzhou to attend stationmaster plenary meeting, I heard about this big fish, he said that now some people do a gift website, selling to foreigners, the purchase price of 10 yuan, to be sold for $10, the money.

to promote its Web site is that search engines have long been an open secret, because most buyers of products will search for vendors, prices and services through search engines. At present, many search engine products, enterprises how to choose their own search engine advertising, which search engines to promote the type of price is relatively high?


      the most popular shlf1314 and sh419 search engines in the country have the means of offering a fee based on the number of clicks made by the ad. In the country, this shlf1314 promotion is often referred to as "expert promotion", "click pay promotion" and so on. sh419’s promotion is called "PPC"". Choose this click pay promotion can be based on the promotion effect is satisfactory, at any time to adjust the delivery, but also easier to control costs. In addition, we see other extensions of shlf1314 and sh419: shlf1314 promotion and subscription services general service provider is not calculated to let yourself lose money, of course there are exceptions to a popular keywords suddenly; sh419 and the "hot zone" promotion such as "mobile phone" the key words, the choice of this location. The promotion may have million yuan, are one-time investment. Of course, these two search engine promotion is relatively strong, the effect is obvious, but the price will be higher than other search engine promotion slightly.

is Jianhui give an idea of everyone, if you want to do, then act quickly Oh, make the most afraid of things too late, not to say well, the early bird gets the worm, early action talent to earn money.

one, do garbage website, click on GG. You might say, it’s better to be Chinese than to be a garbage web site. But have you ever thought that you do a Chinese, put a GG, that unit price, is how low?. But the price of English is at least 5 times that of chinese. Jianhui will see a website for English songs today. The daily income of GG will be $more than 100, and the IP of the family will be more than 2000. Think about your more than 2000 IP Chinese website, can you do that high GG income?

      3; portal promotion type landing

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      2; banner ad


three, help enterprises to do foreign trade website. This, if you have resources, then you can go to help enterprises to do foreign trade website, direct sales of products to foreigners enterprises. Well done, it should be the most profitable of all.

when the large number of Chinese websites appear, the Chinese unit price of GG has dropped to a very low level, let alone the cost of various alliances. Maybe you want to say, there are popups too. But that East, there are several alliances do not buckle the amount, there are few users do not feel disgusted?. Maybe you have to say now, Tao is not very popular? Yes, because it is very popular, so the competition is more and more big. We do not see a lot of Amoy to now have basically no income. As grassroots webmaster, if we want to succeed, we must walk in front of other grassroots. You can only get more soup if you walk in the front.

      1; search engine advertising based on clicks;

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