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in addition, there are some criminals also eyeing a piece of cake, a lot of the name of the name of the game company signs were discovered recently, to the owners on the flat rate Internet advertising linked to horse behavior.

you set up to buy keywords, once the advertising began to take effect, please do not frequently log into your account. I understand people want to see, the key word is the price? Is point out how much money? Advertising effect? So, also can really want it. But soon after, began at about 1 weeks, you will suddenly find that shlf1314 tell you the keyword prices. Originally you bid $0.2 per click, now the lowest bid to $0.3, or if the user input when the keyword search, you will not display ads. But if you now go to search this keyword, you may find that there is no other advertisers to buy this keyword. So, you want your advertising display now, you can only come to put the price increased to $0.3. So you think everything is OK. Indeed, the advertisement again came out, the difference is, now you must pay $0.3 each.


DCCI Internet data center 2009 in the first half of China Internet monitoring data show that in the first half of 09, China online advertising alliance market scale has reached 910 million yuan, compared with the first half of 2008, an increase of 18.8%. It is expected that China’s advertising alliance advertising revenue will remain high in 2009, the total size will increase to 2 billion 130 million yuan, an increase of 17.5%.

from the second half of 2008 to date, in the traditional economy suffered financial crisis, when I did not expect, to web games as the representative of China’s "game economy" is contrarian. In the Internet advertising industry, the advertising industry, which many analysts believe has been greatly affected by reduced advertising, has been accidentally saved by countless web games. In the survey, many advertising union advertisers almost all webgame promotional information.


imperceptibly, shlf1314 advertising has been for 1 years, spent a total of $697.32 yes, I am an Australian website, really is to save ah. Now to sum up the experience of shlf1314 advertising. Unfortunately, I have to tell you, I do not know other countries, but there are many China dishonest people, there are a lot of people that they tried to love leisure and hate labour, cheat, cheat advertisers money. These molecules are a cheat I recorded at the end of the article, as long as 127 a domain name blacklist in order to avoid being shot dead, I will not send the report, this fact.

and for this matter, as "Warring States hero" operators in the green treasure network Polytron Technologies Inc, sent to the station mail, claiming that the company has never carried out similar forms of promotion.

of course there are a lot of advertising alliance to seek interests and trying to fish in troubled waters, hit the bottom line, in August, the national regulation to combat Internet pornography special action office decided on pornographic websites in advertising "518 advertising alliance", "nine wins advertising alliance", "shlf1314 Adsense", "palm hair alliance" and "double advertising alliance", "income treasure alliance" and "win advertising alliance", "Qihoo advertising alliance" and other 8 online advertising agencies listed renovation.

then if you still don’t listen to my advice, and login to your account, after a week, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that shlf1314 now tell you the minimum bid this keyword is $0.5. How would you like? When? At the same time, you buy the above 50% key words appeared at a price lower than the "information. A few days later, you will find further, now keywords minimum requirements rose to 2 Australian dollars per click.

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desktop world net webmaster said a few days ago have said he is "hero of the Warring States" the promotion personnel, want to hang a ads on its website, and he sent to the root folder of a file named "7hero.php" requirements placed on the website. Through professional technical personnel testing, the document "a" code, that is, on the network for a long time, "a Trojan horse."". Through the execution of this trojan, hackers can easily control the webmaster’s server and spread viruses to visitors through the web site.

now come to the question. Want to have shlf1314 better advertising, my advice is:


years experience tells me that the frequent login to your Adword account, will cause the keyword prices, this is my real situation when the site encountered. Now you can not stand, do not fare. I advise you to leave your shlf1314 account, not to come back in January, when second months you accidentally logged in, you will find that the key price, some low even as long as $0.03.

has been reporting on such scams for 08 years link: Once again remind the webmaster, in the face of active home monthly advertising, must be repeatedly vigilant, and identify its relevant operation qualification. Do not easily accept each other’s code or program, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

1. search results advertising results show your advertising pages in the user’s shlf1314 search

2. content in the third party website advertising advertising shlf1314 on the inside.

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