Talk about what you do for Net red economic evolution net red and fans no contract relationship fee

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red" is actually a content maker. From the editors of traditional media times to bloggers in the blog era, and to the current UP owners and anchors, the task of content creators has never changed, that is, as much as possible to attract more attention. From the grassroots gradually evolved to the PGC model of the network are red although they already have operations, community or power manufacturing explosion models, but after concerns were gathered, follow-up of the business model is the key to evolution.

, a recent double eleven mile, Zhang Dayi became one of Taobao’s most dazzling data contributors. Her new series of make-up, "rouge a levre vendue" lipstick on sale after 2 hours sold 20 thousand. However, it is also this product, caused a lot of controversy, there are many beauty bloggers pointed out this lipstick from the shape to the color has a big crash of the suspects, but big Yi published materials manufacturers also have many inaccuracies. For a while, the praise and support of diehard fans and the discussion of the industry have caused a great deal of controversy.

4. Literature: fiction, literature, stations are also many, many want to do well, need to be innovative.

in fact, the net red economy has come to this day, and in essence, it is still the mode of traffic economy. In the past double eleven, net red groups with "live + electricity supplier" model, once again set off a storm type of discussion. Tmall has three networks, red shop sales exceeded Zara, and mogujie this year is to "net red" as the flagship strategy, its net red shop turnover growth of over 2340%. However, the sales shot up behind the red net still attracted traffic, finally help the goods sold in the electricity supplier.


6. portal class: ha ha, admire ah, is also an editor, reporter, technology, author, CEO, manager in one, Niuniu


you can operate, and wait for profit, of course, you would like to do a presentation of your specialty there site, I will not oppose. Ha ha, I know a 19 year old guy, 1 years ago, 240 yuan to buy a space, looking for a free store program made a site, purchase, delivery center, are you a person, now do have a monthly income of more than 10 thousand net profit.

suggests site types that you can consider:

Abstract: there is no contractual relationship between the fans and the network never abandon red, some just emotions and feelings of the transfer, and finally the passion must be placed into the fans recognized products, will really form economic foothold, otherwise it can only go with the wind.

2. applications based on the network: if you are very familiar with the network a little nonsense, and love assumption, the clothing you can open an online clothing store, products need to the street to find a willing to cooperate with you in the boutique, they give a price.

for the moment, no matter how the truth behind the incident, at least this thing revealed the red net in touch with physical products when the evolution of the difficult. Zhang Dayi’s position in the rivers and lakes will be in a state, let alone other rising stars.

3. network service: that is, like us, to provide space domain such as proxy service, I know a friend, in his college classmates when indulging in chat, forums, personal home page, start from the beginning of a space, now every month can earn about 20 thousand, and more the better.

5. web site: This is also good, the super lazy mode, without updating, little changes, how profitable is you have to do.

1. local professional service site: data is very rich, more convenient management, hate easy success very easy to be large site acquisition, this is the need to consider content.

this age, more and more websites, far more than the number of wool. Therefore, it is becoming easier to make websites; it is becoming more and more difficult to popularize websites. Recently, many netizens have turned to me for help. I don’t have much time, and according to my own experience, I can list some of the methods that I feel are more useful here. For your reference.

2. video categories: the state is anti piracy, royalties, lawsuits, be very careful, there is no long-term development potential.

Analysys released in "Research on female social business development China network economy report" red 2016, red net industrial scale forecast in 2016 will be more than 52 billion 800 million yuan, of which 86.4% of the contribution from the live and the electricity supplier, while electricity supplier consumers from 96.7% female users. As can be seen, the current electricity supplier for the net red economy absolutely supporting role, as well as the high degree of concentration of its category.

3. forum chat room class: if it is not crazy hobbies or obsessed people, it is recommended not to waste precious start-up time.

to high-quality content output, to attract huge traffic, this link is guided by the desire of consumers. And then, the exit of desire becomes a problem. If you just want to undertake endorsements and advertising, so for the red net for some for others to do the wedding dress.

navigation site landing. For a website with little traffic and low visibility, navigation sites can give you more traffic than search engines and other methods. I made a census of my friend’s clothing network. Just recommend to the site of the home was included in the pages of a humble place, every day to this friend’s Web site to bring 200 left

1. download class site: advantages: it is easy to enhance popularity, do not need a lot of artificial propaganda, updates do not like the news,

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