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currently, cloud computing technology is being penetrated into various industries. At present, many cloud service providers have proposed ", the industry cloud ", and this concept. Zhang Jiyong chairman said that the industry cloud is an inevitable trend of development, easy cloud relying on self-developed cloud level >

simplify and simplify, cloud

has been developed for more than 10 years since the cloud computing was officially launched in 2006, and now it is really accepted by many enterprises. The conference to ", ecological construction, deepening the application of " as the theme, marking the development of the cloud computing industry has entered the second half. The cloud service vendors are no longer staking type " " to seize market share, but began to plough, improve service quality, bring a better experience for the customer. For " simple cloud " concept, Zhang Jiyong chairman of the Dumbo reporter Zhao Zhixin made in detail: " the traditional IT system is very complicated, the system administrator will need to configure various types of servers and software system in the management of maintenance period may also need to troubleshoot various types, spend a lot of manpower force. An important function of cloud computing is to simplify and simplify the whole business process through the means of technology, and to realize the sharing of resources so as to improve efficiency and save costs. "Simply on the cloud" is customer centric, cloud computing services simple and easy to use, to bring better use of experience to customers, this is the company since its inception has been adhering to the core concept. We were aware of the importance of this very early, and this was reflected in the name "Yi Yun" we gave the company. " in the past 6 years, Yi Yun shares adhering to the core concept, to create a professional cloud computing product development team, the company’s cloud computing products in different enterprises can flexibly meet the different needs of the premise, as far as possible to achieve simple and easy to operate, according to the configuration, but the elastic expansion in a way to help users solve all kinds of problems, so as to continuously improve the customer experience.

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in June 2017, the Ninth China Cloud Computing Conference was held in Beijing National Conference Center with ", ecological construction and deepening the application of ". More than four thousand guests from politicians, industry and academia attended the meeting, a professional integrated service provider of cloud computing, cloud easy feilingjiexun Technology Beijing Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as " Yi Yun shares " in the conference on the proposed " simple cloud " concept, cause attention of guests who. Dumbo reporter Zhao Zhixin interviewed Yi Yun shares chairman Dr. Zhang Jiyong in the general assembly clearance, we in-depth visits to those things to share cloud cloud computing market layout.


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