From Lu Songsong’s blog A Jun Wangzhuan and training Roseonly founder detonated fans marketing three

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, strictly speaking is not knowledge! Just in Lu Songsong blog, see blogger introduced his articles that are simple to understand this person! Then, I was the envy of these characters note the Niubi Marketing Marketing Marketing, there is no good or bad, and the purpose of marketing otherwise.

everyone in the convergence of the Internet era, to make a brand of mouth, must give the brand a story, let the content has the adhesion, formation of viral. In his book, the tipping point, he mentioned three principles that led to the epidemic: content, adhesion, the principles of the principal, and the power of the environment. These three principles apply to the Roseonly marketing is also very fit, Pu Yi through these three principles for Roseonly fans group marketing.

decides to start a business and is sure to choose an industry and an entrepreneurial project. Pu Yi has been in Silicon Valley and knows the business model of Internet Co such as Facebook and Twitter. Last October, Facebook launched the social gift service company Facebook GiftS, which users can use to send gifts to their friends. Pu Yi from the smell of business opportunities, I would like to rely on domestic and other social platforms micro-blog and social media to do contact gifts services. He focused on high-end flowers in this area and created the Roseonly brand.

contact webmaster circle in 06 years, then I caused great attention is the person that can do a website, and can make money some people referred to as Wangzhuan. So, out of control of the webmaster industry pay close attention to.

This method is feasible after personal verification by

every day: ": Daddy, where do we go this Christmas? "Zhang Liang:" this Christmas, dad will take you, do Roseonly love flower shop love messenger, to send flowers to everyone." This is a social marketing campaign made by Roseonly and Zhang Liang sons and daughters during the Christmas season.

. After further understanding, and through a lot of detours, to understand that there are many Wangzhuan method, then pop hook earned dollars, the entry threshold is low, I have tried, the accounts do have dollars, but did not reach the extraction amount, finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. If hang up to earn dollars is white play the game, then, such as website alliance CPA, CPC advertising, etc, is some entry level above players play, of course, white can play, but you don’t earn money. This mode is the beginning of my exposure to the pattern accidentally. To make money through it, you have to have media resources websites, blogs, and, which is the most common and feasible way. But it’s difficult to operate, especially today.

, we must have been familiar with the brand Roseonly, Valentine’s day in 2013 after Li Xiaolu’s micro-blog marketing, Roseonly became a hit, become Tmall’s first brand of flowers in turnover. Less than a year, has completed three rounds of financing, redefines the concept of "private custom high-end flowers", Roseonly really is a what kind of company? It how to use social networks to make their brand quickly became popular? We have in this fast growing brand learned what? It’s social marketing good how will we learn? Roseonly special love flower founder Pu Yi view may give you inspiration.

Remember this is

is the third kind of training, such as Wang, through the study of the characteristics of human nature weakness, and celebrity effect or leveraging, for example, borrow Lu Songsong soft Wen influence… to a short time to improve their prestige and influence, and then running training. This is not a total denial of training, but for most training institutions, there is very little energy training. There are so many projects or ideas, people doing not recruit their own stem? The so-called training, or outdated ideas, or is not what the value of the project, or high risk high investment game etc.. If you is not the same as Mars and I, not the official two rich generation, not high savvy executive force, or otherwise, don’t crush training! You may be due to " savvy enough, execution is not enough, not enough patience and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled "… In the end, I still want to say, "energy >"

the first one is the adhesion of the content. Say a bit more popular, this is the brand, there must be a story. Especially flowers, such a high value-added products, it is necessary to give users a reason to consume. Pu Yi, Ros>

In addition to the

has just begun to understand the network can make money is in the WAPS Century Forum, very hot inside Wangzhuan exchange. WAPS century at that time is to provide mobile self-help site of a platform, users can free self-help Station, and then through the promotion, advertising, and then access according to the user, so as to obtain commission.

Pu Yi before doing Roseonly, also considered a successful investor, he invested in public comment networks and other companies, the realization of personal financial freedom. Why would he choose to start from scratch? Pu Yi gave himself the reason is: people want to jump higher, first of all, first bent down, down to the dust, the future will reach a higher height. Many investors would not vote for first-time executives, it is because these people will not pull down, often yangaoshoudi.


type that above Wangzhuan toil, there is a type of investment, operation type. That is to do for promotion, the training is respected by all, the investment operation of PPC, selling profits products, so as to achieve the purpose of making money. This is also feasible, but not ordinary people can operate.

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