Novice Manual how to open a good shopTalk about some profit models for blogs and websites

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: the first shop decoration good or bad, but must give customers a neat feeling

website makes money 2., rely on selling product to make money, in fact, the website is like an online shop in Taobao, that is also regarded as a website, but there is no independent domain name to

blog makes money 3., sells advertisement to make money, when your blog visit quantity is very big, can sell the advertisement to make money, generally is the monthly advertisement. Income is also considerable.

3, shop pre notice

Hello everyone, and today we will talk about a controversial issue over the past few years: "blog and website, who is more profitable?"". The problem is that a lot of people think that the station do make money, some people think that the blog to make money, some people think that no one who makes money, the key to personal execution and operation, to be honest, I do not say in blogs and websites, who make more money. Now let’s share the blog and blog profit model

many sellers come up first do not know what they want to sell, this point and the future location of the shop, the market space, the size of the profits have a great relationship.


blogs earn 5., sell other people’s products or services, and get commissions. The most direct is to do that mom’s Taobao customers, will do a month to earn tens of thousands of, but now the future is not so good…

"First of all, to see which industry you are more familiar with, cosmetics, mobile phones, or something else," says

site has full control. You can build a website independently to sell your products.


list, a analysis of Web sites and blogs who make more money…… first blog way of making money, in fact better than money blogging website, you just didn’t dig. If you don’t say much, let’s analyze it now…

then, to see their own hobbies, you may know not to be engaged in the industry, but if you are interested, then started quickly; if you want to make a trade, have no interest in it, it is recommended that you do not work, do not put their own money, and time for naught. When you are free, you can do more of your preference.


. Just as I am more familiar with toys, I will consider making toys first. Although I am a MM, many people suggest that I make cosmetics, but I really do not know anything about cosmetics, I am not good at it, so I finally choose the toys I am familiar with.

website make money 3. sell, service make money, sale is selling products, selling things, and this is selling service. For example: a starting point novel reading station has VIP, some of the latest books only VIP can read; download class website can charge to download; online web game site fees can play. There are various charging service modes in the Internet, >

Hello, although I have no crown, but at least Taobao also mixed a year or so, and the most important is under my guidance, there have been several amateur shop, and credit in a month has reached the heart, have the worst one. Although the results are not very obvious, but believe that the "money" road is bright.

can use all their available resources, to find a friend to help, the best way is to find a source of goods, the difference should be a two traffickers, don’t be "three merchants", or even 4, 5, 6 traffickers, then, to the end, you pay a lot of labor, but had no effect on rice. Most importantly, take the goods if it is down N times hand after the return, the future replacement things are also very troublesome, and to a road to change, this time to wait, and will give customers the feeling is very poor. Finally, a All is lost., earn 5 dollars, lost a client, in exchange for a bad thing don’t make

makes money, 1. ads make money. Most web advertising comes from a variety of advertising alliances. This is one of the most profitable models.

blog earn money 4., help others write soft text, if your writing is not bad, you write the article is recognized by most people, blog also gathered a group of loyal users. You can provide soft service charge, to some businesses or enterprises to provide professional soft service. Soft Wen fee, including creative fees and blog platform release fee. Income is also considerable.

blogs make money, 1. hang ads, League make money, common GG, sh419, mom and so on…

for novice shops, the main question, I summed up under their own experience, and I hope to help you:

2, source selection, how to purchase?

now there are many online shop owner, have their own sources, many of which are direct manufacturer, novices can consider making their way to join the franchise; online, in general, the following two types: 1, early into a small amount of goods, as a branch of the shop, later to direct sales shop products they have, on behalf of the consignor, this is the so-called credit for this consignment, low; 2, there is a direct shipping, do not purchase, the general requirements for store credit is relatively high, all two-way win-win.

The author thinks that the best

well, blog money, hip-hop is not many, these are the methods, and now we talk about the site to make money what are the ways, in fact, personally think that the profit model of the website and blog almost.

1, what do you sell,

blog earn 2., sell links to make money, when your blog PR reached 3, you can sell links to make money, and some sell links revenue even more than every month hanging advertising revenue?.

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