6 skills for Witkey to improve bid winning rateHow to apply AdSense in the nternet community

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major task Witkey website design, program planning, task oriented, so Yuzuo Witkey friends to have the strength. It’s difficult to design LOGO for someone who doesn’t even know PS. Of course, those who have this ability may not be able to win the bid, because the major Witkey websites like clouds, in order to stand out, Witkey must have excellent skills.

is my task is to design LOGO and brochures, employers want my LOGO, I did not fancy brochures, finally, he chose my bid, but the premise is to follow me on his advice to re design brochures, I am willing to.

some big brands, like Apple and Harley Davidson, are based on the following basis: the high degree of concern for individual products, and products for

posts are easier to attract attention and move on to the entire discussion

I asked the employer why he believed that I would design a brochure for him. He said, "first, you are the real name Witkey. You can’t run the temple without a monk.". Second, your credit value is very high, you won’t for this money, no longer in the task of China to live.

10.1 forum are often very focused on the topics they participate in. Wherever the advertisement appears, the top

‘s side says that your AdSense is likely to bring you some surprises. ready alternate ads, in case public service ads appear    

2, positive attitude, long-term vision,

and the unit click price is also very low. In fact, they do not realize that members are enthusiastic about the community, and repeat their visits to the unique content of

reaction to these content.

a lot of Witkey always evaluate customers choose the standard ugly, no standard. Business is not art, since it is a commercial work, we must meet the preferences of customers, customers want to collect money to the satisfaction of their work? Turnip cabbage all Martini, not to mention the commercial work.

passive web surfers browse your website for useful information. Unlike this, members of the Forum provide content and care about other members of the

Participants in the

I visited the major Witkey websites and found that many of my friends were complaining. In fact, I often complained about the friends who didn’t make money. Friends are hard to earn money, to do the task, no time to complain about global forum.

applies the site type of AdSense.    

5, attention >

in the eighth chapter, we discussed how to generate revenue through blogging, but blogging is certainly not the only thing on the Internet, and certainly not the only one,

in an active Internet community, most of the content is created by users themselves. You basically have difficulty controlling the keyword or theme of a web page. Go to good

all the Internet communities are different, but their charm is the same. What you need to do is find new and appropriate ways to get through the community

gets paid, just like some smart webmaster is already doing.    

3, proper communication, in line with customer preferences,


to do Witkey, want to win the bid is a trick, and a long time will find out. I started from 2006, Witkey, more than two years of age, and in the major sites together in the big, small, 80 to mark. With my own experience and experience, I believe that if we want to improve the winning bid rate, we must master the skills of the 6 winning bidders also known as the know-how.

below, you’ll see some new ideas that will help you expand your mind:    

these hardware signs, easy to win the trust of customers, and this is also a way to improve the winning bid rate. Customers also want to see secure workers.

maximizes your AdSense revenue through forums, message boards, and discussion groups!    

is active and active in word of mouth communication. You can achieve the same effect through your community website.    

The best way for

many people who put Adsense ads in the community complain that the ad click rate is too low, the keyword appears too discrete content relevance is poor, and

occasionally make money Witkey, to the forum to talk about good words, will be suspected of supporting, enough to hit people. However, complaining, complaining, doubt, doubt, as long as you can make money is a good thing. It is very difficult to win the bid for Witkey. In the absence of standard, you will go to study. After a period of honing, you will have the chance to win the bid. Instead of taking the time to complain, do not take time to learn from the successful bidder.

to do the task, to be good at mining customer demand, and give the suitable recommendations, they can improve the chances of winning.

of the pageIt’s hard to get visitors’ attention at the bottom, bottom, or side of the

and its members are highly concerned about the content, which has doomed the Internet community to be a hidden gold mine.    

4, real name authentication, credit value and other hardware indicators

1, professional quality, excellent kung fu

10.2 to attract eyeballs is to put the ads below each page’s first post. The more you are at the top of the page,

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