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for AdWords and AdSense do, I’ve had recommended, because AdSense plan policy did not prohibit to do so, not to mention the Chinese AdWords advertising prices outrageous, even lower than the price of sh419 theme promotion, so I recommend you apply Adwords ads to get traffic.

send shirt is over, for advertising webmaster please check shirt. Thank you for your support! The dark horse alliance will continue to organize similar activities to bring benefits to all of you!

of course, the Chinese network environment is very bad, many advertisers like to use some low-level methods of cheating, but also lead to "miscarriage of justice" an increase in the number of factors, while applying for AdSen>

first reported two shlf1314 Adsense news, one is "shlf1314 AdSense began to clean up illegal interests by AdWords access users", is that some users buy advertising keywords large price is extremely low, advertising in AdWords, get huge traffic from; and then registered with the AdSense, to establish completely AdSense ads MFA Made, for AdSense, and the design of the key high prices on these sites above, through the difference between the two profit. Another news is "China backyard fire shlf1314, fans, supporters and some thin court" to promote shlf1314 Adsense also to Chinese AdSense down, AdSenser administrator in Shanghai sued shlf1314 Dragons of the so-called "invalid clicks" shlf1314 Adsense invalid click judgment and handling has been seriously deviated from the normal range. A publisher account is stopped, the reason is invalid click; issued income is adjusted for invalid clicks; issued ad the average price is more and more low, the reason is many clicks are considered invalid filtered income. There is no explanation for these invalid clicks because the shlf1314 algorithm is proprietary.

and AdSense of the so-called "invalid clicks" there are also many problems, advertising through various methods to avoid being mistaken for AdSense invalid clicks, a lot of people account has been closed don’t understand what is going on, maybe he just in the Internet cafe on the net, it will be a miscarriage of justice, because of differences in language and geographical area, usually even false advertising, it is difficult to restore the account. This time, shlf1314 advocates are suing shlf1314, explaining that the misjudgment is getting worse.

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shlf1314 also believes that both AdWords and AdSense are wrong, it should be appropriate to improve the Chinese AdSense price, 8 cents a click price than sh419 3 cents of the price is low, as long as the existence of advertising prices so low, by taking AdWords flow can not avoid.

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