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people always look down on money not to earn money, I believe every novice beginner will find some free Wangzhuan careful to do, for example, the site recommended click, investigation, games are free Wangzhuan, free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan is based, but the free net earned for the novice, is not to earn money, so all day long just to meet a lot of new money in the project, can make money on computer easily earn a few hundred or even hundreds, look down on these points to do free Wangzhuan money.

three step, from no orders to orders, and then to the distribution capacity, in fact, is the three stage, you are obsessed with the hearts of this "false" excited, and immediately began building websites, negotiate >!

review: Restaurant O2O entrepreneurship in the three major obsession, or according to the author’s words is false". Because it looks very beautiful, actually every entrepreneur will want to set foot in the mirage.

first you didn’t order, you are not binding on the business, business with you at any time according to the agreement of cooperation, and put you in a nice hobble situation, you have second orders to businesses, but businesses poor service ability and good user experience. You platform lying in the gun, bad bad reputation to you all bear, exhausted, you have third orders as well as their distribution capacity, enough to ensure that the user experience, but you can burn to maintain, blood flow, don’t wait for someone to invest to offer you hung up.

my attitude towards such entrepreneurial projects is firmly opposed, mainly because of the following three points.

The first false

novice do Wangzhuan, the mentality is very important, don’t you see how much money is too heavy, and if you want to do bigger and stronger, not lazy, knowledge will take the time and effort learning Wangzhuan blog forum website optimization, such as building has a website, also from the net to earn to start what all don’t know. Everything is hard in the beginning, now not to earn money, don’t complain, you have to make sure your method is correct and feasible, then even if the early novice could not earn money, but their own experience and experience are very important, those who make hundreds of thousands of people who are experienced in this painful period of the novice, but many people do not persist, they believe in their own ways, insist on doing down, even if you are not what network master, Kennedy Hold on and you’ll reap.

restaurant in the O2O project: I want to use WeChat to build a regional ordering platform, will be around all fast-food restaurants invited settled platform, to provide users with a one-stop ordering platform, profit model of root business commission, the platform many fans can make advertising, people can not help but think of here there is little excitement, for his witty point a praise it.

some novice began to do Wangzhuan because of free Wangzhuan is not very understanding, that can begin to make a few, in fact this idea is mainly online a lot of day to earn a few hundred that lie too many advertisements caused by those ads are not credible, even if it is someone else that can earn more have a good long time and may have exaggerated the real, novice can earn that much, certainly have to do Wangzhuan, who still work? So if you want to do Wangzhuan, the starting time will earn too little.

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said the common mistake, some typical problems about frequently asked, out to share with you, I will call this "false", is a good fantasy, is easy to lose your heart at the beginning of the illusion, is a mirage every entrepreneur will want to visit.

so do Wangzhuan novice don’t look down upon a penny, nor too early 10 Fen, don’t earn much money to be so important, after all, is a novice to start what all don’t understand, is a process of learning by doing, we are to make money, but because of the experience we earned less but, we want to smooth their mentality, convinced that their own beliefs, rely on their own learning constantly strengthen their ability to find their own direction and stick to it, eventually there will be a good harvest!

ordering platform: in a region such as the city and school area, surrounding the integration of business resources, provide online ordering service of third party platform, a hungry giant case, and group takeaway. Entrepreneurs or the use of WeChat public number platform, or self built web site or APP, to achieve a similar platform meal items.

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last night to share the food O2O entrepreneurial three common misunderstanding, a misunderstanding: non store investment is relatively easier to start takeout lower error two: the huge market just need their will to share three mistakes: Internet marketing is to get a lot of practice over a ready-made panacea restaurant O2O project’s buddy agree the practice later find huge hidden costs "pure takeaway mode in the propaganda and distribution is unbearable weight, but the problem last night around the collection of" publicity and distribution "problem is the most, can see these two pieces of food in the O2O project is really difficult.

so you are not suitable for Wangzhuan, the heart is not practical, estimates will not do other things as well, because you are a novice, no experience, no mature technology and higher thought, what do you want to work full-time, want to make more money will help meet?? said let you earn on Baijibai. In the end find themselves cheated. Or do not go cheap, simple plans, steadfast, learning, groping, relying on their own is the most important.