Do the impressions of the GG and MM alliancesn front of house prices your business is nothing

August 7, 2017 0 Comments

at the same time, began to freeze in more than two years before the rise of the tide of national entrepreneurship, against runaway prices as the Pentium, more and more entrepreneurs issued "a few years, regret not buy Suites".

so in www.admin5, network owners forum also see post learning, so that there is such a Ali mother advertising alliance, without demur on MM bar, the registration is very simple GG better. Mom has a benefit is to sell advertising and click on the income, all of a sudden I choose to Wangzhuan advertising. Set the key words, the code put on the website, put 6, second days, hey have an income of 0.96, finally tasted the sweetness.

, rotten.Please write on

now found Ali mother really is a good platform, is not to say that GG is not good, but for our small it is a good choice.

"Wow! Your husband bought you such a big diamond ring! You’re wearing a few square meters of house!"

all walks of life, only the real high.

the first to write



house has become a spiritual opium that we can not refuse. Know it terrible, but can not do without it, and even less talk about it a few words, are afraid of being divorced from the times and abandoned.

, the most popular topic among white-collar and middle-class people in the city today, is the fear of the situation and the future. In most of the investment channels are of practical significance on the "blocked", the house more Chinese placed more hope, family, property, security, dignity, freedom……

owes money to the bank. Investors and employees owed money, doomed eternally. The house can give, the business can not afford. So, why do you have to start a business?

maybe you said it was for feelings, dreams, and something to prove……


"after the Spring Festival, I took a fancy to the suite is up 500 thousand a year and lost

a house, open a class, the smell of trembling, thinking of the rationale.

visit the doomed. The world has changed, the gameplay has changed, and the heart has changed.

in my last time with your blog for GG, has been useless, to own a few months ago made a website. Put the GG advertising, but because the site content and advertising GG my match is not much, the moderator network is a network of part-time and part-time content, so did the GG, but do not like.

, like Lin silent teacher, an old blood can spit directly on the pale small salary bar.

, "my dad always told me to study hard.". "Now, I really think he should have bought some suites,"

" a motley crew, Pang Le has been fully demonstrated, in the group A to feel powerful, and make people be struck dumb. If everyone in the crazy rush to the sales office on the road, and sent a circle of friends, but also from time to time @ you, you can wind and rain motionless, ANN as a mountain, then OK, you are not wrong, this is the times wrong. You go into business and change the times.


, "starting a business like a classmate, ray."

people can not live in a vacuum, people need to communicate, need to coexist, need analogy. The input panic spreads into your blood and soul when your senior animal groups communicate, dialogue and measurement units have been completely replaced by those two words and nowhere in the world can escape.

house is admission ticket, house is knocking brick, house is qualification, house is amulet…… It all seems so familiar in our ears from countless times appeared, but the subject should be "educated" and "diploma".