On common problems of current Wangzhuan industry The Taobao battalion needs a qualitative leap

August 7, 2017 0 Comments

learned a bit about other people’s experiences online, and I found SEO important. In the title of the site, the description of place for keyword optimization and also delete all links. Two weeks later, one of my key words really squeezed into the top ten of sh419, and I was really happy. But happy few days, found the keyword was thrown behind. I believe many people have such experience. The reason is that, although your key words cheated sh419, temporarily unable to cheat a lifetime, keywords up, traffic did not keep up, certainly won’t last long.


free Wangzhuan project, and this is the best way to attract people to join Wangzhuan, but these free Wangzhuan project survival is the initiator of evil, often short, so a lot of people do these free Wangzhuan project, or money is not received, or received very little money! Although this caused Wangzhuan the industry is very prosperous phenomenon, but the drawbacks of very large, that is not what money effect, this nature is not able to cultivate loyal Wangzhuan workers, not be able to expand the market of natural Wangzhuan > two: Investment Wangzhuan thinking


adhere to seven months, my website revenue last month finally exceeded 1000 yuan, from a monthly income of tens to sudden thousand dollars a month, have to say is a qualitative leap. To be a Taobao customer, you need a qualitative leap. Like 99°, the water, how hard you try every day, looks like cold water. As soon as you break through, income generates a qualitative leap. Here’s a little of my experience.

three: the Taobao guest Wangzhuan thinking

conducted a thorough study of the website, and I found that the soft Wen is very helpful to the website. A good soft Wen, can make the flow of the website rapid ascension, although the visit is not necessarily the customer. But the flow of ascension, the keyword of the website is rising, and bring traffic to the site, it will form a virtuous cycle, accelerated to make your website does not stop, it will be very awesome promotion. That’s what I call a qualitative leap. So, a soft Wen Sheng one hundred thousand lions. How to write the soft text, pure advocate their product articles in A5, this site certainly can not pass. Write something that is substantial, such as experience, discovery. So that your article can help others, help Why not??

There are a lot of !

is now Taobao customer is still a lot of people to choose the type of Wangzhuan, is relatively low in Taobao off the threshold, such as through the code through the blog promotion, promotion, and through the website to promote, and so on, although we plan to transform how much traffic through Taobao customers, but when this is to promote you will find the conversion rate of flow is very small, the money effect is very poor, but very few people have extraordinary marketing talent to be able to make money through Taobao

investment Wangzhuan money effect, but the cases of fraud is very much, but also make people impossible to guard against deception emerge in an endless stream, and from the large cost of deception, to reduce the cost of the use of single cheat traffic, for example, only need to spend 10 yuan to register a what mailbox, can let you earn one hundred yuan so, these are the use of deception personnel base is relatively large so as to earn a lot of money, another is to do some type of venture capital fund Wangzhuan, sometimes one day can earn several hundred dollars a day, but it is also possible to lose a few hundred dollars, which is a kind of gambling nature, so don’t see Wangzhuan investment is very prosperous, but behind the prosperity of the higher need to have sharp eyes, can be in this kind of Wangzhuan

four: the operation of the site Wangzhuan thinking

is far away, by the way. Everyone promotion soft Wen can first send A5, and then send your own web site. This will not only meet the website update, increase the collection, but also help others bring traffic. My website has made a lot of promotion methods, mainly to help people inside and outside the station to avoid detours. This is a bit of experience for me,. I hope the Taobao guests will find it


: free Wangzhuan thinking

began to do Taobao customers, I also learn from other people’s experience, and feel the stones across the river. Every day in the Q group post, every day in the BBS, NSN website post replies, every day in sh419 space, Sina, micro-blog send information. Through these basic methods, the traffic of my website can have about 100 IP every day. This lasted for three months, although the site can have some sporadic income. But I find it very boring and tiring. Boil the water to 99° every day, and then again in second days. Everyone will be tired of doing this because the website has not changed.

of course, every web site has a different website, not necessarily a soft text. Yes, there are other ways, micro-blog, marketing software will do, as long as you can make your site into a virtuous circle, a qualitative leap, is a good way. I hope Taobao customers can persist, break through, leap, eat bitter, bitter, you are human,

now Wangzhuan looks very prosperous, but behind this prosperity is hidden a lot of problems, especially a lot of projects have Wangzhuan cheating, so that is not what money Wangzhuan paradise, many of them are sad and painful, if you’re not ready to work hard, but don’t hasty enter this industry after the Wangzhuan! You summon up the courage to enter Wangzhuan in this industry, we must make good thinking about the problem in the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, the industry has fought for several years, has witnessed the Wangzhuan downturn, so the current Wangzhuan false prosperity has also been a lot of worry, here is my thinking on the current Wangzhuan dedication to you, hope to attend Wangzhuan staff help


method is to actually do Wangzhuan site operators, which requires the user to have many qualities, such as the execution, for example.