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ask: can you give you a key to success, such as you are found from the book on, what is the key to your success, I have obtained great success in the shlf1314 AdSense, but just to the network marketing, hoping to reach a new height. I know shlf1314 AdSense is a pay for a car, but internet marketing is a reward for getting a house.

1. Not give up 5 minutes before the miracle.

of course, in addition to the world famous reputation, he itself is quite strong contrast small bunkers and grass root of a low degree, can be in after he penned the product was able to repeatedly boarded the hot search, turned red net, a few dollars that can be got abruptly into the billions of big business, carrying the banner of national brands all over the world in a flurry.

7. Knowing is not enough; we must use it; it is not enough to have desires; we must act.

as early as the Qing Dynasty, Kangxi, longevity sauce in Pingjiang has been a tribute to the court, by this traditional influence, many people in Pingjiang rely on selling dried bread to support the family.



no way, in order to reduce production costs, the workshop teacher Fu on the cheap to cry flour as raw material, developed a gluten snack – yes, spicy bar

2. Failure is not an option.

: the problem is that not everyone can apply for an ad for CJ.

here is NABS, a successful collection of Li Zhiming, who put these inspirational inscriptions on the wall, and when he does not sell anything, look at these inspirational words, they encourage him to continue to try.

4. The best place to find help is at the end of your arm.

5. There are three kinds of people: 1 just want to, 2 say do, but never move 3 has been doing.

in 98 years, that will be, Hunan floods, and then for the production of dried raw materials, soybean prices have shown a substantial increase, almost doubled, many of the sauce factory lost even buy underwear money gone.

, The, father, of, Hotstrip –

6. Failure is not falling, but refusing to stand up.

answer: no secret. You can find all the information you need on the Internet and on the forums.


answer: I don’t know what I should say, because I’ve never read any e-books.

: How did you do that in 1 and a half years or 2 and a half years? How did you do that? Did you make use of organized traffic or PPC traffic? Did your income make a net profit? !


look, Wei long has become a net red, but in fact, the birth of the bar is indeed an accident in the accident, and this accident, but let Liu Weiping find a fulcrum leveraging the 50 billion market.

, the successful man, shared his successful experiences with his net friends and summarized and translated them as follows:


answer: I used 1 and a half years to reach this level of income, and maintained for a year, until now. Profit is net profit, and most of the flow is developed by oneself. The fee is only domain name and space, which is insignificant. I do not PPC, about 50 -1 00 / month.

Abstract: in less than 5 years, "plain food" has become a famous enterprise in Henan province. According to data show that in 2015 the national film market total box office hit a record high – 40 billion yuan, but not as good as Henan province’s total output value of a spicy bar.

well, this man is the founder of Wei long group,

in 1978, Liu Weiping was born in the rural area of Hunan, Pingjiang province. The family was poor enough to want to take a dog, but it was a place where Pingjiang had a "Honey Mania" for dried bean products.

hot strip of the world is actually an accident, but the result of the 50 billion market

what is it? It is actually very simple, just because he is a super little bitch hit will engage in marketing.


but a brother really want to Tucao one, the marketing force never forced Max chiefs, was low-key to dust well, Wei long spicy again and again he sent his hot search, even the photos are not simply –

3. Remember, when you see a man at the top of the mountain, he does not fall from the sky.

today, you must know, you know, you must be very kind.

: Congratulations! Can you share your secrets so that I can reach your level one day!

, a 22 year old NABS who has been working on the web for a year and a half, is now earning $30000-50000 a month, and now has more than 100 websites, mostly from CJ alliances, which sell different products over the network. His goal is to reach $1 million a month in 2011.


is known as Liu Weiping of "the father of hot strips".

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