Reflections on Entrepreneurship my personality and my emotions

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the Internet for 99 years, I like a lot of people fled, between wear flowers butterflies in countless seemingly huge opportunities for dinner. When I introduce myself, I often hear an exclamation: "Wow, what’s your Chinese department? How did the Chinese department get out of IT?"……

exclamation actually in the heart all think: Chinese department graduates, out of IT, generally difficult, it is not easy to do well.

why? I’ve been thinking about that. The general conclusion is that people generally think that Chinese is a pen pole, which requires perceptual thinking or artistic thinking, while IT is science, needs rational thinking, needs calm and logic.


people differ from animals in thinking or thinking.

the difference between man and man lies in the way of thinking, that is, the difference of thinking patterns.

said, "we can only reach infinity, but never reach the end of the truth.". So, how do we see the truth, how to think of this truth, we settle down costs.

rational thinking and perceptual thinking, a fundamental difference between the two modes of thinking, creating a two way of looking at things, but also created the foundation of two people.


these two modes of thinking, or the two types of people, are not good or bad.

good or bad is always relative.

, the key is to look at the development environment. Gold in the high temperature smelting furnace, the iron and call reimbursement; put in, it is forging.

so it was a little curse of my ten year career when people from the Chinese Department came out to work on IT.

it is said to be "little spell" instead of "paradox", "big trouble", that is because, in theory I still think people can get out of line Chinese IT engaged in the Internet to engage in multimedia, as long as they can overcome those little trouble came on the line.


ten years ago, when others say I have a personality, my heart secretly.

now, when someone says I have a personality, I’m terrified: what did I do wrong,


personality is one of my little troubles.

personality means publicity, sublimation, creativity, passion, unusual, free and easy…… That’s ok。

but the other blade of the sword is clearly marked: unstable, turbulent, destructive, alien…… It’s very bad.


I don’t know. I’m not a typical Chinese student.

University, I was struggling to read the old books, this is very good.


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