2008 webmaster magazine club Shanghai District first exchange meeting summary

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No. 22 afternoon 5.30 points Shanghai stationmaster Congress ended, I was finally relieved, thank you very much for sunshine Internet www.sundns.com, nine dimensional interactive www.9wee.com, oulainuo www.olomo.com, I www.55.la www.gouwupai.com net, shopping, shop sponsorship of the international www.guojidian.com activities and gifts, but also thanks to the Internet friends (Dong Qinfeng, Cai Liwen, Guo Jijun, Peng tube, hadron) from the field to participate in the meeting, and Shanghai has always supported my webmaster friends


the meeting is 2008, the last time Shanghai webmaster party, as a conference organizer I think this meeting is successful, although it is the first time hosting, but the basic didn’t show what we said, after the fish when dinner: you don’t even mess around. I’m always ready, to save the market. I’m really touched. With so many friends support, I’ll do better next time,

!At the end of the

meeting, I asked a lot of people who attended the meeting, and I felt that the meeting was good and I learned something and made friends. The only lack of a point, I found that the meeting time is still a little short, and the venue is too formal, the next venue will find round table conference venue, so that the atmosphere will be better, we will exchange more convenient. In the future, I will improve the time and place and the lack of interactive links, I hope we can do a better job,


I am a meeting organizer is also a webmaster to learn, do the webmaster meeting I just hope we can learn experience, make friends, cooperation and other possible sites we find a starting point to achieve a win-win situation. So for me, including the future, I won’t take the meeting

too commercialized, if that is the case, the first time they will come second times will no longer participate in, some webmaster around me also said, why don’t you circle Dora point sponsor! Actually this meeting I did not go to the sponsorship, all the sponsors are the theme of the conference, because I had business his partner to sponsor, I also pushed out the sponsorship of the other more than 10, is a very simple sentence, I was to do the webmaster meeting, for the owners to provide a platform for the exchange and not for the benefit of my own, as the saying goes: the gentleman’s love of money in a proper way. Although I am not a gentleman, but I think this sentence is the basic principle of life! I also hope that we can start from the point to do service for the owners meeting, reflect the spirit of sharing everyone in the laggards www.im286.com this platform and gathered in snsn.kdd.cc and GJJ who have fish good, I admire them every day for our grassroots silent service concept and spirit they are worthy of our learning


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