The left hand works hard the right hand expects the childhood and the network dream strides forwar

August 5, 2017 0 Comments

said: the most difficult is to cross the bridge to burn the bridge, the most beautiful childhood dream is off, do not laugh at youth, mind than the sky; moxiao frivolous ignorance, chock bucket heaven, because there is a dream.


primary school when I was a naughty, ignorant, run in the wind in the rain, everywhere crazy child, but I also a wise and good child, then just ten years old, wrote "diligently long roll, then with the deep mountain, born unyielding sleeves, fighting the sky ‘, then when from the third grade to the fifth grade, the list of the first is me, then I want to create a world, a person can’t even think of heaven and earth.

junior high school gradually sensible, entered the rainy season, but I still dream is so high, others out of reach, although my achievement is not as good as junior high school, but I am still in the class number of a clever child, once a teacher called my little angel, because when I was in Junior use two methods to do the test. I don’t know the outside and the larger world and self satisfied, may be too rural is blocked, such as the occlusion. In the exam, but I was still very smooth, unexpectedly to the first class in the only high school in Gaotang County, the first middle school, when everyone said it was a miracle.

into the town, into the high school, my world suddenly open a lot, so many smart people, but then many are the first class, the experimental middle school, and from the Yin Han Zhai middle school students more, my grades just middle. High school life was stressful and short, without much effort, I was admitted to a non key undergraduate college.

my university in a city with a long history, the school is not very well known, but there is a very good learning environment, a group has a dream of passion to learn and progress of the students, I was very depressed, the only idea is to grind out. I have been studying in the classroom, library, English, computer, even a year of University, not knowing the University and the student activity center. Second I am hooked on computer programming, start your own website, the beginning is made on FREEWEBHOST, very good, then do a music stand, even in the views of University reading room is very high, then I know the domain and hosting space rental, but I don’t have too much money because, I am in rural areas. I was always looking for free space to change, and a lot of valuable information was lost at the time. With the continuous increase in the number of my website, visit the number of constantly increasing, so a lot of friends, but also because of the website I know now – a daughter-in-law focus college student computer. By chance, I want to do a China Mobile to find ads on my website, give me 300 a month, I was happy, a sleepless night, do more firm confidence, sometimes not for money, just for love. The university time so fast, graduation practice, time has passed. >

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