What kind of website do you need

August 3, 2017 0 Comments

received a call from a salesman today, the.

of the website

I asked her, "


what kind of website do you think is a good site,


she replied, "


good website is website, beautiful and generous, others on your website, think you have the strength of the company, see the scale of your company, and then good website is more functions;


, this is a network company salesman, understanding of good websites!


sure, she’s not wrong. Whose fault is that,


exactly what kind of website is a good site,


, first of all, we should be clear about what we do for the website. What is the website for? For the purpose of letting other customers through the network, can we find you to buy the product?


therefore, enterprises build websites in order to let others find you to buy goods;

looking at those beautiful and unusual websites, what else can I use instead of lamenting the beauty of the site?

ideal site should be:


customers want to buy your product, type in the product information and first find your website;


client comes to your website and knows the information and information he really wants;

customers can easily communicate online with you, or call, or order systems, no matter what, but be sure to facilitate the rapid communication of eyelashes;

website interface, in order to meet the requirements of the site cooperation layout, the appropriate beauty point;

actually, websites are just like people. It’s good to be beautiful, but it’s not good to be beautiful. Something inside is more important;

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