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August 3, 2017 0 Comments

after the Babanu Shopping for Refund network optimization on the Baidu home page, the author made a stand, launched in November 1st, has been a month of time, in fact, 2 of the time the station all words are on the Baidu Google home yesterday, want to write the optimization course of this month. Because yesterday went to climb the mountain trip, no time, today I will borrow A5 excellent platform to me how in a month will be the new optimization on the search engine home experience unreservedly share out.

one, the preparation before the line. This is very important, the author of this station has done half a month to prepare in the front of the line, the first is the pre planning, analysis, including the use of what kind of program, the target customer orientation in which people, what kind of theme, the promotion plan, finally decided the theme of the mask. So I registered the domain name, and submitted for the record the same day, I chose the domain name is consistent with the theme "Mask", there will be some advantages. The space is independent of host IP, stability and speed not to say that this was a key point, because the first site the author selected is the virtual host, it has a lot of sites, often open the case, leading to several Baidu punishment, so the host selection must choose good stability fast the host, the best is independent of the host IP. These are the most basic foundation to play well, and then the program optimization:

two, in the local computer program for antivirus, then open the program to modify the template file name, the name was changed to mianmo prefix, be consistent with the theme, the other also modify the file name, purpose is to streamline the URL to avoid cumbersome too long, not friendly to the search engine. The space on the program, is the selection of key words, can be said that the selection of key words determines the success of the SEO 80%, the author is also very cautious in the selection of key words, after three times of screening, finally decided to use the "Mask" list of the main keywords, whitening, moisturizing, moisturizing mask recommended the three long tail keywords, choose keywords using Baidu index to determine these words have a certain amount of search, search domain, domain related several long tail word have 4489 ", which means that the competition is not small, but the home is to use a domain name website in these words, of course, the author selected these keywords have the confidence to do it on the front page of keywords, it is recommended not too hot, not competitive. In the website on the author uses two phrases that are covered in the website subject and keywords, and also added a special symbol (asterisk is unique, easy to attract attention) in the description of the author without too much modification and accumulation of key words, only a simple word about the core content and theme of the site of course, should be included in the key words.

The use of

website product picture, then at a local computer by means of DW images were optimized, joined the keywords in the ALT property of each picture, don’t just add a keyword, the keyword.

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