A small DC with emotion competition is fierce survival is too difficult

August 3, 2017 0 Comments

opening: Admin5 station for a long time, the first time published an article here, I do IDC, ha ha, you see IDC words will feel very uncomfortable, do not know what is the reason that we have such a feeling. I just want to talk about my understanding of IDC and a little bit about how IDC develops.

now we all know, the IDC industry is really well done, the competition is very fierce, needless to say, well, the west of Yanhuang billion and so well-known IDC business, said one person selling space is everywhere, meet the eye everywhere. I personally do not contradict individuals to do IDC, of course, is not the kind of their own, and no technology, no experience, renting a server will sell this kind of space.

I also belong to the little IDC, so I want to talk about my personal experience, I should be the server from the beginning of 05 years, and has been my good brothers jet Shijiazhuang network cooperation to do. When we met, he was still in college, and we have known each other for 4 or 5 years. After graduation, he founded the company, now has a large number of customer groups. With a few years of hard work, now also bought about 400000 of the house, ready to get married. He has always been my good brother and my first teacher. Later, I independently set up an alliance host network.

we will certainly think that the domestic so many well-known IDC providers, we have little IDC survival opportunities, in fact, otherwise. With the rapid development of the domestic Internet era, large and small sites, with no contact with the Internet, into the ranks of the webmaster are courageously, everyone can see the Internet is a low threshold for entrepreneurship in the industry, resulting in a large number of customer groups into my face. There are so many websites in China, and most of them are operated by individuals. Well, it’s a good opportunity for our small IDC provider.

in this form, the IDC provider is also a lot of stationmaster, also There are plenty of people who cheated. So how do you get customers to trust us and choose us? That’s a mindset for an IDC provider. What attitude do you use to do things?.

professional enough is your way to survive,

speaking of professional, I want to say that both technical and business must be professional. The idea must be firm, buy this space today, tomorrow look at the operation of the site to make money, go to operate the site. Backstage again looking at other money, and do something else. I think this is also a webmaster common problem, not enough, not enough professional. I want to do it and concentrate on it. Only then can let the customer believe you, rest assured that the website gives you. Be a responsible IDC to your customers.

to maintain the quality of service is the survival of the road

in my business philosophy, customer satisfaction is my most favorite, why do you say so? We can analyze, you worked hard to talk about customers, here you use!

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