Operational planning and evaluation reports on cross regional websites

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I am now a website

operation is cross regional, is a four province common portal, called the four Province nine party websites I operate in more than half a year, there are a lot of ideas to communicate with everybody. Common progress.

1., first of all, we have to establish a website to have its own positioning and connotation. Identify your own niche so that you have potential customers. Four provinces, like nine parties, face four provinces, with more than 200 million people. Some people ask, is there much more to face?. Do I have billions of people all over the country or the whole world? Is it useful? Here, he ignores the features. Do you want to start now to catch up with sina, Tencent, Sohu, and so well-known station, has been impossible, because you are late, early a few years to understand the network almost. So location and meaning are especially important for a website. Positioning should have characteristics, and the content should be unique and rich. Here I will cite my website example for your reference:

www.439f.com, "439f", that is, "four provinces, nine parties" homophonic.

four provinces refer to: Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Anhui

the four provinces in the broad sense: four provinces in the southeast and northwest, generally referring to the surrounding provinces.

nine party refers to: Central and eight parties collectively. Taken from "seven Li" poem: "love Liuhe", "Germany Xuan" nine party."

four in the nine party forum aims: to provide a professional platform, display, communication over four users.

2. set up some regional website columns, such as characteristic News Center, characteristic website navigation, and so on. These are targeted and practical, high value, and with the main station, complement each other. I have an example: a verbal statement without any proof, I set up a four news, four site navigation. Because targeted, specifically for the four provinces of users design column, four provinces web site navigation than hao123 360 site navigation more convenient, four provinces of net friend use. Four, the four provincial news news center together, lest four users want to know the four province provincial news, a news portal to see, now together, read more convenient, a station to solve all the problems. Other special column needs everybody to think more, believe to can set the column that better than me comes out.

3., because the regional web site is not easy to hold city activities, it can only be a lot of online activities. The exact situation is what I am going to say about the earnings assessment.

when I evaluated the site, I divided the operation into three periods.

early stage – content enrichment period

goal: IP 1000 people, posting number 1000

operation specific way:

1. enrichment content, focusing on the original content of the four provinces. Lead the debate atmosphere, and the debating forums have vitality.

2., we should actively guide members

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