Operation model analysis of comparison shopping websites

August 3, 2017 0 Comments

simply said very simple comparison shopping, we have seen this pattern, such as the "Baidu group purchase website" "800 navigation", the two is a group purchase site navigation station, rather than the navigation station, rather than comparison shopping site types, the powerful statistical data and contrast, let users from a number of commodities or services to make the right choice, then buy. This general everyone love actually is nothing more than the contrast parameters of prices and products, as well as other buyers of some evaluation and so on, through a series of contrast, so choose to purchase satisfactory. And shopping comparison website generally only provides the performance of goods, prices and other information comparison services, and do not participate in the purchase process of goods, to ensure fair and just principles.

1, compare the service model of shopping website

one-way shopping model, this type of comparison shopping website provides only information about different products for customers to find and compare, and does not provide transaction process. This kind of website generally evolves from all kinds of price information networks, and it is divided into two kinds: one is based on single commodity. Such as "good books" this website provides a number of online business books, including not only Dangdang, excellence, blue, Bertelsmann and other famous sites, also relates to all kinds of major bookstores, with nearly one million books information, it also brings together a large number of deals and coupons. Another is that the site contains a variety of goods. At present most of the more shopping websites are using a single service model, this model does not directly provide users with shopping service, because not only involved in the trading process, in order to ensure that the interests of users is the site of interest, while ensuring win-win relationships with online shopping site.

whole journey mode, this kind of comparison shopping website not only provides the comparison service of different products, but also participates in the commodity transaction process. Comprehensive service mode is intended through the website of its own brand reputation to make delivery, payment, elimination of consumer online shopping transaction security concerns, but the website of this kind of mode operation is not very ideal. Because as a comparison shopping website, once you can not guarantee their neutral role, it will be difficult to win the market,

you do electronic mall platform, and the price of the site will be some of their own information priority processing, will naturally cause some shopping website dissatisfaction, cooperation between the two sides is a problem. Without a large number of online store cooperation and rich online goods, there is no basis for comparison, consumers will not patronize.

2, compare the profit model of shopping website

comparison shopping success of this business model is the starting point for a reasonable position, and to conduct business according to the location, it must not only attract businesses, to attract consumers, this service model determines its revenue model. At present, all comparison shopping websites can not charge to consumers, mainly from the annual fee, traditional online advertising, click pay

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