From tomato garden stationmaster caught talk about the importance of network copyright again

August 2, 2017 0 Comments

 :      ;     in August 20th, Sina Technology News, tomato garden webmaster Hong Lei website was closed, Hong Lei himself was detained by the police review.

follows the quote:


Francisco August 20th message, modified version of the tomato garden landscaping Windows XP, author of the software download site, the tomato garden ( chief Hong Lei’s father on the evening of 19 22:50 exclusive to Sina confirmed that Hong Lei has been in the 15 day (Friday) was arrested by the police investigation, the site was closed, the server and notebook is Hong Lei the police away, Hong Lei technology development support Chengdu red Technology Co. Ltd. was sealed.

                why Hong Lei was arrested; insiders are clear and copyright related. But why don’t we catch it late and catch it at this time? This is closely related to national policy. There is an obvious example we can see that Baidu news news source grasping control is more and more strict, so a lot of news website including DONEWS, iResearch news articles can be seen every day in Baidu news, Baidu news now don’t grab. But some friends say it may also have something to do with the olympics.

                remember to write an article for a period of time: do music website owners must pay attention to copyright issues, writing is a music web site is a copyright bureau responsible person personally seek. In addition, according to the website of the national copyright administration, the national copyright administration paid nearly 3 million 300 thousand yuan to crack down on copyright infringement and piracy. The national copyright of music, movies, novels, etc. the software section of the website crackdown in the increase, so we do webmaster friends must be careful, don’t take any chances to go to these sites, if one day be caught or the site is harmonious, is not fun.

              some friends said that this also does not let do, that also does not let do, we stationmaster should do what kind of station? What websites do you make that don’t involve copyright? The author thinks website has short-term income type and long-term income type. What is a short-term revenue site type? For example, QQ type website, non mainstream type of website, website, sign game websites, mobile phone game industry information website; website such as health information website, IT computer information website, steel information website, stock fund website, mechanical information website, education information websites, English website and so on, as long as you take a few months.

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