How can do a good job of a website

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said, now the site is more and more, but the real wind station management and has been developed and how much? This may we need to investigate. When you have no contact with that of a circle, think it is very good to get, but when you really go, you will find that this kind of thing is that so many people do, the real success of how many


let’s give an example. Among the ten people, two are students, three are unemployed, three are employed, and two are professionals of this type. The "no job" and "the incumbent" mentioned here have nothing to do with the website technology. Let’s guess, the ten, who will succeed? On the surface, may be more potential to a professional website development and management in place, but we really try to explain things, whether is this? In some ways, professional talent that is for sure, but the site this line is too different. Let me analyze, analyze wrong, don’t say me,


students like this:

If the site has

students and good relationships, how do you say this? If you want to get the student student class website, in the school publicity means, we think, the effect will be how? How a school there are thousands of people, tens of thousands of people. Such promotion is feasible, feasible not feasible, all look at yourself. This is just about students in the development of the same site, with the means in place, the results will be very good. So, what’s the disadvantage? First, do you need time to manage the website? Second, the website needs the capital operation. Don’t say big, say the smallest, do you need space domain name,


where did the money and time and energy come from during a student period? It was also very annoying to do web work during school days.

no job class:

I don’t need to say anything about it. I think everyone knows that there is no job, no financial security, and some things don’t work. Doing a website is also a costly thing, sometimes a little hangs up. This is also the pain of doing web site,



this type of two kinds of binding before, he has the most basic financial security, website operation fee can take, but we try to understand, make website needs to spend much time on it? If you don’t take the time, do not spend energy to do you think you may have big development I am not in line with the actual?. Again, people will think, if it is in front of the computer workers, then he does not have the time to do it? Yes, this point is good. To say this, ha ha, do you think you must have a computer related job when you want to do the website? The idea is good, but is it possible? Yes, everything is absolute. This is definitely not what I’m saying first. Summarize



that’s to say, they have absolute power to do them

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