‘m not Ma ‘m just an ordinary grassroots webmaster

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first started college, full of enthusiasm to this ideal in the ivory tower, you want to build a career! Now, that kind of enthusiasm had no longer exist! Be late, leave early, absenteeism, these are all the managers fail the exam, too, when the university life has passed 3/4, only suddenly, what they did not learn to learn! To what they want so they make


was interested in the Internet just now, but he came to the school to discover what he thought and what he wanted. The data structure, the compiler system… The dry course is let us lose myself! So when I choose to seek further development of the construction site! Here because the temptation is too great! Ma, Robin Li, so let us very envy, so I think I can achieve my future here! When make the decision, I chose to build a a website to make a living, the Spring Festival in 2007, when we rest and family reunion, I was a little bit to plan your site search direction, web site material, I think a lot, the portal station, QQ station, game station and so on, but I have been all negative then on! Edison Chan. I got the information from the Internet! Had the inspiration suddenly, a hot network site, collects network hot things, Southern China tiger, make paper stuffing steamed dumplings and so on sensational network events My confidence is strengthened. I am very excited and think I can succeed.

after the Spring Festival came to the school, I immediately registered www.redian2008.cn and the purchase of space, began his career site! The first day afternoon on the line, only 27ip, the second day I missed! All day in the propaganda, I expected your station 200IP! But when I see my site ip1741 on the same day! Second days after 600ip, every day gradually reduced! I was excited, I’m excited!, I also with the decrease of IP lost! I think my own success! But when I calm down to analyze their traffic information, but I found myself high IP, but PV was only more than 8000 reasons! Where? I have lost in thought, because their station can only rely on a little bit hot words get some traffic, but can not keep funco! In the case of 1700ip

that I failed!

now I understand, want to do a qualified website, want to quickly get a lot of traffic is not possible, you can’t be an overnight success, so I hope everybody to give up the fantasy, Tashi do stand! You reap what you sow.! As long as their own efforts, one day will be successful


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