B2B website operations Snowball development should pay attention to the old customers’ shou’

August 2, 2017 0 Comments

is a business to business e-commerce model for the B2B site, the B2B sites, the accumulation of customers is very important, some B2B sites are often too concerned with the development of new client, too new to "attack" of new customers, and to maintain relationships with old customers, the relative investment is not many. Different from other types of e-commerce sites, B2B website operations, customer accumulation, we should pay attention to "Shou" strategy. By using the method of the snowball, doing everything possible to win more customers at the same time, accelerate the snowball rolling speed at the same time, the sun for his snowball, let the snow snowball in his adhesion does not melt, do not let their old customers, so he will snowball snowball.

good service, regular customer,

for B2B website, in the beginning of operation, customers often accumulated more difficult, like when we snowball, in the beginning, we need to first pinch a ball out. This "pinch" action, to a large extent, is to make their website interface and function well enough, and at the same time their products are good enough, their online and offline services are perfect. The beginning of the accumulation of customers is more difficult, once formed, it will easily roll up. But you know, that when we started our snowball rolling up customers is very important, like when we started to cooperate with us, in fact, is most likely to agree with our company, they are more likely to become the core of our customers, even if we can not grasp this part of customers then, new customers will have accumulated problems. If we serve these old customers, they will form good reputation, good word-of-mouth, old customers’ comments and recommendations, so that snow from other places will be attached to our side.

in this way, our B2B website allows its customers to accumulate continuously, thus forming a good virtuous circle. On the contrary, but the old customers feel that the service is not good, it will form a vicious cycle, the operation of their own website is a negative effect, no matter how beautiful the site construction, but also a failed site. Again, the cost of developing new customers often does not serve an old customer’s cost is much higher, so we must first ensure that their old customers do not run away.

enhancing quality customer service

snowball to snow place rolling, high-quality customer development and follow-up maintenance services, B2B site is an important source of profit guarantee. After they become our old customers, we need to find some quality customers, because these quality customers are directly related to their sales and profits. For quality customers, we better be able to be responsible for special personnel, regular visits, or visit, always understand their needs, to avoid being pulled by competitors. For quality customers, we’d better summarize every week, compare the overall sales situation, and summarize to relevant departments, targeted to strengthen maintenance.


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