Baidu VS Alibaba war going on war affected owners

August 2, 2017 0 Comments

, Baidu, and Alibaba, the two giants of the Internet, have a long history. From the original Baidu alliance and Alibaba’s advertising alliance – Ali mother’s market competition, and later, Baidu has ah, and Taobao two big C2C network contest. Both sides have taken corresponding measures in order to protect their market dominance. Compared to Baidu’s hooliganism, Alibaba is a bit smarter.

, when Baidu, the first Chinese search engine, announced its foray into the C2C field, Taobao blocked Baidu completely. Foreign claims, "Taobao’s analysis of the traffic brought about by Baidu, the user through Baidu search, mainly inquiry and query commodity evaluation, there is no direct volume of transactions.". Taobao believes that these traffic on Taobao’s volume is not much significance, so it will be blocked."

obviously, Taobao’s argument is so farfetched that it can be said that no one will believe it. From the concept of network marketing, we need to have traffic, and traffic can be converted to the user and to participate in the sale? And these users can two times, three times and even repeated consumption? Is mainly to see the electronic commerce website management ability. Take a look at any e-commerce site that is crazy about advertising, and know that traffic is fundamental to e-commerce. There is, of course, a special situation when you have become a symbol of this industry and have the tools of circulation in the industry.


Taobao shielding Baidu is the root cause of the fear of Baidu’s C2C. Baidu couldn’t have gone into C2C without a detailed consideration and accurate data analysis. According to the third party data provided by Baidu, more than 30% of Taobao’s external traffic was obtained from Baidu. Search imports, allowing users to very direct and rapid implementation of the transaction. Because of this data, and e-commerce market prospects, is Baidu’s biggest driving force into the C2C.

smart Ali, insight into the laws of the market, homeopathy guide, to the "42 dials" method, so that e-commerce into another law – who master the payment tool, who will be in the industry leader. Ali abandoned the search engine of the external flow, the Ali Mama advertising alliance, Amoy etc., let thousands on thousands of webmaster, ordinary users for its promotion, and make money from royalty.

at the same time, Alibaba to strengthen e-commerce investment in all aspects of construction, including logistics, supply, payment tools, e-commerce play the most vividly. The model can be imitated, but the market can not be occupied.

so Taobao not only do not rely on search engines to bring traffic, but also on their own platform to launch search, promotion and competitive ranking, from the so-called free platform to bring a wealth of income.

traditional laws were broken, Baidu original absolute advantage has been indifferent. Not only lost the Taobao shop, the original may be put on Baidu’s promotion of those revenues, but also to make their own C2C, Baidu has ah, become tasteless. This contest, Baidu can be said to lose the wife and lose money.

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