Mobile nternet thinking book How far from heaven and hell are you

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lens 1: relevant agencies report that the mobile Internet per person longer than the Internet PC Internet, PC users continue to move to the mobile terminal obvious trend.

two: intelligent mobile phone lens like night spring breeze, during the Spring Festival, iphone4S is past, NOTE2 and other large screen mobile phone has become the new favorite desktop, if you have a smart mobile phone, all feel shy to say hello to others.


lens: websites, games, individuals, companies, industries and in the emphasis on "social marketing" "O2O" "micro-blog" WeChat marketing "marketing" and anxious, want to have a ready-made panacea, gathered, a work, all kinds of courses, books, PPT has become the best, by operation, but the effect is creak your smile, beautiful and essence of the so-called data pleased with oneself to ignore marketing.

lens four: all kinds of APP, the client with all kinds of markets, shelves, shelves, installed capacity has become an important part of KPI assessment, a lot of garbage flows become a major performance, fattened the professional brush list team and flow sale unspoken rule circle, and found that most of the user software icons are also found in silence, the company of "active" the user and the loss of the proportion of customers further widening.

lens five: the capital market is very active, all kinds of mobile internet project financing cases continue to appear, many individuals, companies to lighten up thousands of "Hope", establish the "entrepreneurial" example, it seems that as long as the associated with the mobile Internet, can send big money.

lens six: suspected young lady is accepting mobile Internet trends and social networking professional training, to improve business video, hot on the Internet, and even young ladies have begun to "mobile Internet"".

actually, these lenses, compared to the old generation Internet people are not unfamiliar, perhaps once you are in a corner of Zhongguancun, holding a pile of business plan, sell your products to investors, they may be: portal station, the electricity supplier website, electronic magazines, video sites, music sites, social networks group purchase website, and classified information, cloud computing, cloud media, XX, O2O…… This model or that product, and today, these words and a few words, into the mobile Internet related products just. Still unchanged are the cliches: user base, product benefits, epoch-making significance, data analysis, ROI expectations, and so forth.

What’s the result of

? No, I say, from all the bones of the earth, everyone has his own answer. You can even remember the late 90s, the chat room era, the girls are also fashionable with the chat room to do business, but in the mobile Internet era, the term is called "about guns"


wrote here, "I don’t know how to comfort some people who still have dreams, especially individual entrepreneurs.". It’s more like a fly after glass, seeing the light, but there is no way out.

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