Still distressed how to promote your online shop

August 1, 2017 0 Comments

now more and more webmaster turned into network operators, but Adsense to network operators will make money,


how to turn, still can not leave the promotion of your website, shop, product! Everyone knows, now Internet users only eat soft, do not eat hard, like virus promotion, popups and so on… Certainly not! We are going to adapt to netizens taste, he love what we give him to what is the current mainstream publicity methods: advertising, but this method is more expensive, but not easy to see the obvious effect, more important is the Internet users have gradually rejected direct advertising, some people do not bother, but rather stiff advertising makes many potential customers very disgusted. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of online advertising, more than thousands of advertising costs, but also makes profit management shop we flinch.

use of our original articles of soft promotion, is our grassroots network to have the cheapest, the most effective means of publicity, you will experience the shop, shop shop story, guide summary information for everyone to share, so that information can be delivered to more network providers, in the course of time will establish the mind contact

with your visitors

platform is also very important, we all experience the shop, is not suitable in some emotional class, entertainment website, but to some e-commerce, even gathering network operators network platform, to achieve optimal effect.

currently recommended platform for the exchange of network operators are:

Taobao community (,

Alibaba Forum (,

outac (,

eBay community (,

pat net community (

these professional network platform gathered a large number of network operators and potential buyers, you write the article was reprinted by other websites, but also reached the purpose of publicity, so the article published by the effect of the best.

to give a lot of friends usually are busy doing business, rather than the writing skills training, in fact, write a popular article is not a difficult task, as long as their real experience, with one or two small examples, with about 600 words, you can say it is a hard to write article. If you can match a picture of yourself, it will be perfect.

wrote here, I hope to write this essay can help some people in need! Station outac I

you will support you!

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