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August 1, 2017 0 Comments

station (Wowo television network: was built near a month without a point. Baidu is still not included. Flow have so little sad! Japan around ip:1000. But I still like to have my sad 1000 flow share than I have sad webmaster friends.

, now about my traffic source,


1. Source: Baidu know: to know Baidu movie forum to answer other people’s questions. For example: others? Who knows where you can watch a movie, then you can have your website address. (this is for our movie station, other types of course need to rest the earth) know a thing, but I still talk nonsense words, ha ha! Afraid to meet Mars chief.

source, Baidu Encyclopedia: open Baidu search keywords in your web site, your site similar names. The names. The film can be like, a general search keywords encyclopedia basic row on the first page of the search, the search to a certain time then you can edit Wikipedia entries, leave your website address in Encyclopedia reference. For example a movie encyclopedia you can write this: online watch address: of course write behind your website address (but the write on my website, I do not mind, ha ha). No reason to write the modified.

source, Baidu billboard: first open the Baidu search engine (Baidu address, I should not say it). Search Ranking in search and you site similar search list, see the search for a popular keyword before the 2 page there is no loophole place, such as a forum or to answer the website you can downstairs (oh, comments, replies, replies, remember to leave your comments.


ha ha, that’s bullshit,

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