User experience analysis in minisite content layout

August 1, 2017 0 Comments

people might think that minisite is just a few pages anyway. There is no need to consider the layout of page information. But since it is web site, naturally want to have higher viscosity of the page, and the user experience will have some impact on it. If the navigation of each page is very creative, but the user is very inconvenient to use, then even more creative, but also because it is difficult to use and make people feel disgusted, do not want to continue to browse the idea of going down.

web design, navigation bar should be like navigation bar, information area should be like the information area. No one likes to use the mouse to try clicking on areas that appear to be clickable. Here are some of the following points:

navigation bar

The navigation section on the

site is clear: navigating web sites allows users to quickly access web pages. Then navigation needs to be easy for users to find, and the display also requires efficiency (putting all the content on the navigation bar will also make the user feel big head).

reference site:

Content Of


even if it has read "about us" page, and there are many random links in the text, brother still wonder if this page is for soy sauce. The best guess is that this is a personal introduction page, and a mess of links and no navigation bar, brother can only leave the site with confusion and confusion.

Self Titled


hidden menus and categories are not clear, leading to web navigation difficult to use. When visitors want to find what he wants to know, it will be very difficult.

respects the old habits,

The layout of the

site can vary slightly, but too much change can make people confused.

reference site:

Lego Click


The scrolling of

pages is usually from left to right, from top to bottom. And this pit father’s Web site is from the bottom of the page began. Plus the don’t close button and some other minor issues, you’ll find the Lego site strange (though the design is beautiful).

Kyle Tezak


this is another case where the visual effects are good, but the bad user experience causes visitors to be unhappy. There is no fixed navigation bar on the site, but a stationary navigation bar suspended (thanks to Jiang Lennon’s correction). To find the contact, you need to click I> at the bottom left corner

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