On the use of original article after completion of the use of skills

July 31, 2017 0 Comments

original article, I believe that many webmaster friends have written a lot, the author himself is the same, after entering this line, you can obviously feel that their writing in the level of improvement. To put it simply, most of the articles you’ve written are expressions that express your own personal feelings, usually narrative articles. And novice stationmaster respect, more stationmaster is talking about original article, after finishing, do not know how should do. The original article can actually very simple, the author in the previous article also stressed that the site of the original article and we usually see the difference, especially soft, it is another kind of new style of writing.

soft writing methods and soft notes, you can see before I published articles, here I don’t say much. Usually the webmaster will write the original, the first thing is to publish the article. In this way, both the originality of the article and the freshness of the article can be maintained. In different ways, there will be advantages, and the more timely the article, the less likely the chance of being original will be. With a simple example to explain, from a local news, and was sent to the news network. Although this news is the same news, and no matter from the reports and news content basically is the same, but for the audience, see the news broadcast can let more audience know this news and information, and for local news, to know this news only in this place the audience.

first analysis, news broadcast in the difference between local websites, and contact the web site. First look at the news, the news Chinese as the most authoritative news in the news is filtered, news content, the most valuable news broadcast at the same time, as the first domestic news media, also has a fixed watching the crowd. Contrast website, the domain name registration of a website is earlier, the website is established earlier, the faithful user that has in the website also is more, and weight, flow respect also has certain basis. In contrast, regional news, like new websites, is less relevant than domain names, weights, and traffic. Secondly, the content of the news, although in local news and news network coverage of the same content, and through the news network to see the news of the audience a lot. This is equivalent to the original article in the web site, where you publish, that means how many people you want to see.

usually search engine to determine the article is from where, but not because of your articles starting in one place, but to see your article published in the web site of the weight and flow rate, and usually determine the original search engine weight depends mainly on site. As the article you start in a weight is not very high in the website, and the articles published in the Sina, and according to the website weight issued by the search engine will determine whether the article is from Sina rather than the former. And for this, the original article after writing, should pay attention to: >

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