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project background: with the fast and easy user base continues to expand, because there is a demand for fast and easy user department store goods, and the price of the commodity is low, buy high frequency, can quickly increase the amount of single easy fast and can pull new customers, based on this, the Department is fast and easy to expand the category of commodities started lead. By expanding the category of opportunities to participate in some of these projects, here in the Department of large class page design thinking summary.

one, big class middle page opportunity

pinger: first from the middle page about the Internet, commodity information explosion development lead users from huge products find their needs becomes very difficult, effective way to understand things from the human, according to certain logical classification is a reliable approach, category page came into being. This class contains not only the attribute of commodity itself (such as the > > men’s personal care; nursing; shaving, etc.) also includes user characteristics (such as maternal drive to buy baby goods), behavior (love new things), the product itself features (such as dehumidification effect) or even give it (commercial property hot apple etc.).

Compared to

digital home appliances category original fast in terms of the category and quantity of merchandise commodities is very complex, for users to buy something, the cost is very low, but want to buy merchandise and easy to Xunlai into old users and even active users, it is not an easy thing. The department store goods more scattered in the non core position of the page, the user is more through the classification to find, and page can carry different needs of different users to buy goods, targeted content building is conducive to the formation of user visits.

for operations, the need to solidify the page carrying capacity, and assigned to the focus of single items, search, activities, topics, etc., large categories of pages can be rich shopping clues to divert users to the next process.

for the platform, category expansion is bound to bring the growth of their female users, at the time of purchase of non rational factors means no purpose so strong in the selection, and is easily affected by the recommended content, word content, fresh content, this kind of people in the selection of more than some commercial property needs something to help make decisions by conventional category segmentation and constantly search has not been able to meet their needs, so this kind of user page can provide a stable, can find the goods place through the diversification of clues.

two, department store consumer type

department stores are closely associated with daily life, physical needs and psychological needs. In different degrees, by mining user for different categories of different demands and aspirations can be seen, will produce large shopping page users are mainly concentrated in some sort of physical demand based on (clean skin, clean environment and diet…… ) or some psychological needs (learning, expanded vision, early adopters…… >)

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