Watch the whole process of Baidu included

July 31, 2017 0 Comments

QQ station, friends say this kind of station is easy to flow.

began at the beginning of my career site QQ site, see everywhere online, thought is to squeeze. So 52yyQQ space ( came into being,

talked about Baidu’s online version included, there are inherent to remove the argument, such as search engines, submit to leave your links in the Baidu high weight website, the purpose is to let Baidu spider to climb up on its Web site, which has a collection of opportunity, however is different the spider came, through the audit time may vary, and human factors, plus the inclusion of Baidu, so Baidu included people always cannot understand. Of course, you know, it has changed the other way.

in a collection of the whole process, the first is to Submit search engine method, then in the case of CN domain name Baidu boycott did, of course, this approach was also used to believe that many webmaster, despite saying that the manual review it is easy to enter the Baidu website, but to do good and even if he does not by manual review, indeed?, is also very unexpected, let my friends left, on the third day I submit the page was Baidu included, at this time to just enter this line, can be said to be very lucky.

then, I started the crazy website update, promotion process, delete the website used in the process of testing content, began pseudo original, ha ha. But in a week later, in site, found that no increase in the collection, but no. At that time, it did not seem lucky. It was estimated that Baidu had reviewed it manually. Later, when I analyzed the reasons, my friend thought it was probably because I was in the promotion of a large number of Baidu know above to answer questions, in Baidu space also opened up about the 52yyQQ space and other reasons. At that time, the main traffic of the website was all from them. The reason may be real or not spam links, as long as the left in Baidu related products links too much, it will think you are rubbish link! This place needs to despise it! Because I was full of honest answer questions and update the

space Oh!

later insisted on updating the site for about 2 weeks, during which site Baidu countless times, still no movement. On a Friday morning, I found that has been included, and at one time hundreds of books included, but still does not have any information. This phenomenon has been maintained until earlier this month, in a large-scale movement of Baidu, and Baidu in the light of day finally necessarily! And GG, Yahoo, souhu and soso were included in a lot! With a prefix of WWW included slow reason, never.

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