What should be paid attention to when changing domain name of large business website

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domain name as the site itself is not good, is not conducive to the promotion of website brand, many sites will consider replacing the domain name, the domain name change is when will lead to many new problems, such as the search engine and old customers to visit, in must change the domain name, how do we change as soon as possible through the throes of domain name? Therefore our website also changed more conducive to our Chinese memory habit of domain name. More conducive to our website brand promotion.

1, the old domain name transferred to the new domain name, so that you can guarantee that the old customers through the old domain name can also access the new domain name, do not lose this part of the user.

2, in front of a prominent place to tell visitors that the site has changed the domain name, enabling visitors to recognize new domain names, it is convenient for them to use the new domain name to browse.

3, do 404 jump page, old domain name because there is no document, there will be a lot of 404 errors, in order to avoid the loss of traffic, it is recommended to use 404 pages to recover traffic.

4, remove the old links, and former cooperation sites communicate, the domain name has been replaced, in order to re cooperate.

5, replace the previous absolute address, replaced by the current domain name, because DW has such group replacement function, you can easily achieve.

6, to search engine portal submitted to the site, in order to early included new domain name.

7, in order to search through early search during the investigation, at the beginning must pay attention to update the site, there are a considerable number of original articles or pseudo original articles, in order to have a good impression on the search.

8, appropriate to buy the chain, through the chain earlier through the site of the throes.

domain name is equivalent to the site of the brand, a good domain name for the site’s brand promotion is good, but the risk of the domain name change is enormous, considering the change of the domain name should be considered before, reduce the loss to replace the domain name.

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