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haven’t write articles about Taobao customers, today come up to breathe, summarize this time guest experience. Nowadays, Taobao is becoming more and more popular, and more and more people are doing it. This is a good phenomenon. However, most of Taobao’s customers haven’t made much money yet, and most of them don’t quite understand what Taobao can do to make more money. At the same time, also found that many people want to do Taobao customers will not network technology, has been hesitant. In fact, not because of technical problems and the impact of their guest steps. Here I will do a good job with Taobao customers to share some experience with you:

1, combined with content to do Taobao customers is the best choice

How to combine

content to do Taobao customers? Is that you have a very rich content of the website, blog, forum, then through these sites, blogs, forums by soft or hard approach to Taobao customer advocacy. At this time, someone may ask, I have neither the site nor forum, what can I do? I think you always set up blog? You will post to the forum? I am respectively through these methods to introduce.

2, combine blog to do Taobao guest

In fact, Taobao

passenger also needs to pay attention to Taobao purchase crowd, are generally young fashion MM. You want to ah, why Taobao page design is very feminine, it shows that MM are very active, so we can for women to set up a blog, to there is established, how to build it, each one has its own merits, recently I studied a lot of the MM blog, the flow is very high, but also has a group of loyal fans, but how they do? The reason is content to be unique, the following features: first, the original blog articles, original articles are generally favored by many people, but the search engine is also very love, if you set up a blog in the famous website, then your original article is easy to be recommended to the official website home page. So this time your traffic is very alarming, so you only need to connect some guest in each article insert. If you don’t believe it, you can visit some of the women’s websites that MM regularly move on. Here I don’t introduce those websites, the earth people all know.

3, combined with BBS to do Taobao guest

I’m not here with yourself to establish a forum, but you to some popular online forum a lot of people, but also want to choose targeted Oh, not in the film website forum to send clothes related posts. At the same time, post manufacturing also requires a certain skill, because if you only send a commodity, these are the people management forum every day, it is easy to be found in the owner you advertise. When you need to use their brains to think if you write this article, we provide a reference method for example, you can go to some women in the regular activities of the forum to introduce some cosmetics, your care cosmetics experience, dress collocation experience.

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