n order to search engines please do not regularly revised website

July 29, 2017 0 Comments

first statement, I do not SEO nor what to do Wangzhuan personnel, purely personal preferences.

that’s the case. Business has been falling sharply in the past few years. The boss started to find me and asked why our business was mostly from the internet. Of course, the Internet is life for the boss. The company is doing Baidu promotion, I do not agree with this, but for the interests of the company, of course this is the most desirable way (anyway, I do not pay, the company to, I do not have to manage so much. But now the situation has changed, and Baidu’s promotion is still being done, but for the time being, the Google will be stopped. In fact, Google is no big help for the company – the boss knows, and of course he won’t ask about the suspension of Google promotion. Ask also ask Baidu, promotion still in Baidu, why not the effect before,

?Analysis of my

: because the website revised several times a month, even changed three times, three for a face in a month, from the earliest ASP program to ASP.NET program, right after after meeting to discuss, feel not strong (guide website abandoned, sad, half a month to work overtime do, do not put up to two weeks), well, you say to change. Change back to the original, ah, really, the original site of SEO is indeed a failure, home a big flash no link. Such a website, which search engine will like it? But boss like ah, money to do promotion ah, try to suggest to remove, and the result is useless.

after a period of time and feel bad, from the Internet to find a more well-known counterparts, station to me Copy, Khan, is to be left intact. It’s very simple for us to do the program. Copy the page directly, but that’s too much. The eldest brother is very stubborn, say: "nothing, you give me copy, want is his such effect.". Most of the world when the cold, the boss said I want to listen to, the new speech is no weight, just do it.

is a bit of a toss, a website released, or written in ASP.NET, but this time I suggest not using flash home page proposal was adopted. The website is good, not the content of what? Direct collection, depressed, so you can also write a collection process. News content, the addition of their own things, and then is a period of time to toss about. I finally got this website out of my mind. I’m going crazy, ~~~~~~~~~

needless to say we all know why? Cause a sharp drop in the company’s business? A station constantly change, search engine how to look at this station? If a person constantly in front of others (of the same people, different time) talking about their own ideal results, soon gave up his idea. How would you see this person? The same web site, he is the search engine to see.

ah, do not write, seems a bit wide of the mark, hope that more exchanges and learning.

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