How to effectively and quickly let Baidu included new station

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time is really fast, remember, I have been standing for three years already. This one is really suffering ah, the so-called bitter, that is the beginning of the slowly, starting from zero, a little bit of progress; the music is, whenever you have a little progress (in the master simply small case), I will le Zai zai……

my method, I believe the master has also used before. Therefore, this post only gives novice a hint, master float. If a master has seen, please do not brick me, ha ha…

well, well, not wordy! Talk about how in the shortest possible time to let Baidu included your station? Be Baidu pull hair how to make Baidu to love you


actually, let Baidu fast included the most effective and simple is the old fashioned way: to take the initiative to submit to each big engine, forum, community (such as Admin5) to send some high quality stickers, crazy increase chain…… Because of the large station or forum weights are relatively high, Baidu, Google spider every hour to N times, so where you have natural links, the spider can follow it, find your site, which included.

practices are as follows:


commonly known as the hidden content, for the BLOG forum web1.5, Web2.0 platform, most of these platforms, with regular topic as the theme, technology, finance, network security, text, encyclopedia, education, also has a life of leisure, fashion encyclopedia, etc. in the surface of idle away in seeking pleasure, like a regular platform, often with some deliberately optimization or cheating of the article, let Baidu impossible to guard against. Can also be used for new sites included, now the general movie station, MMS station, adult station, Baidu is not included, even if you change how many meters, is also of no avail, then you can put in a regular content page, and then to the login website, can let Baidu fast included, the next day, slow less than a week. Here to focus on Baidu’s "three degrees" check, many of the new collection of the station because they don’t know three degrees check, and included again soon sealed. In the Baidu website on the same day, will be the first artificial inspection of the site, a week after the Baidu robot has completed a preliminary index of the site, there will be two times the manual inspection, then every two weeks (i.e. included 20 days), Baidu has to do a comprehensive site index, the vast majority of web pages are displayed, there will be third manual inspection, referred to as the Baidu three degree examination. If you have the heart to Baidu feet, then you must know how to keep your temper, escape Baidu three degrees check, and resolutely do not put any Baidu does not like the content. After what you want to put, Baidu rarely see again.

tell me second questions: what did you do with Baidu?


makes Baidu heavy >

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