Blind nternet start ups have cost me a lot

July 29, 2017 0 Comments

Internet, this amazing thing, it can make me crazy for once.

in October this year, my company registered successfully, so I plan to use only the money to do a website, do a big web site. So I went to do it. The first positioning is to make an interactive community of lovers, so I also wrote a ten page plan, stayed a few nights, a let me very glad to plan out (my first official plan, ah ~) so I took the plan ready looking for someone to help me find a station, wind, so I’m very careful with the plan to Chengdu, directly to the inspection company, they want to help me do an amazing website program, to know their company, I had the amazing website cost was high up to 400 thousand yuan, the company for the first time since the founding of the confusion, then, my colleagues and I talked it over and decided to abandon most of this program plan, do a professional couple shopping network, so let the wind to help us make a Shopping site procedures, they offer ten thousand yuan, I feel okay, pay the money, signed the contract to do. (my big brother, little brother not to help foosun advertising, did not know there are shopex and ECSHOP of the two major hole)

half a month later, I also announced the program completed, let me test, when the first sight of the website, I feel it is like a newborn baby is fascinating, after testing, felt no problem, immediately after erection, add goods, and then announced the opening, until all the commodities upload finished, found that, from the beginning of Entrepreneurship ( news: ten thousand yuan to do things, and not good enough. The utility function is not enough, this time, a friend told me that the wind is not professional to do such things, be good, I suggest you go to shopex and ECSHOP to see, so I was confused again, fortunately I didn’t long confused, after careful selection, decided to use the shopex. Immediately, contact shopex sales, and they discuss, buy enterprise edition, and let them give me a copy of the template, I spent a total of 25000 yuan, to get his hand, think of this program, so I am very satisfied with it, the website address is not revealed in Kazakhstan, free AD suspected, immediately after the upload products, announced that the site started.

propaganda, a series of wrong publicity options, almost fatal.

originally thought propaganda site is Baidu, and Baidu, thunder, NarrowAD, charge 10000 yuan, thunder charge 6000 yuan, charge 6000 yuan advertising, advertising all on the line, every day to about 4000 IP, thought that this time you can start off, I stand on the couple is selling products, couples wear, jewelry lovers, lovers gift. Price position in the country is relatively low, but the results let me once again confused, 400>

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