How does a milk powder company achieve 3 billion from 0 through O2O in 5 years

July 29, 2017 0 Comments

when many companies are still confused as their O2O model, a formula companies have a total of nearly 1 million 800 thousand members, the most shocking is that his members have contributed 84.7% of total sales, the company is synbiotics, they also to their members played a brand name: mother of 100, rather than simply a membership card. I dark horse to share this case for you, look at how this enterprise can achieve 3 billion 300 million in 5 years from 0. How does it use O2O mode to establish a unique member marketing system?


a little bit of tricks, so that members of large area precipitation

some bosses say, "I know the membership is important, but can you tell me how to settle the membership?"

as long as you put your heart into it, it’s not that hard.

initially, in the eyes of many partners, their "mother 100" is an integral exchange tool, such as buying six boxes of probiotics, you can get the corresponding products free of charge. One of the most important tools required for this job is the POS.

consumers want to get the gift must be through the POS machine, using POS, a few simple need to enter their own information, so in the POS machine, you can record every consumer purchase records and basic information, and imported into the enterprise database.

by 2010, thousands of stores had installed such POS machines, which meant the enterprise data capture system took shape.

their current consumer data are from the store’s POS and call centers, so the store installed POS machine is an extremely critical step, is the source of all the precise marketing behind. Without this step, the rest will be discussed.

"at first, a lot of people didn’t want to install it, especially big retail customers. As we all know, the most important business asset is the customer, you installed the POS machines to other stores, the equivalent of his direct consumer data entry Biostime system." "We later made a statement," said Zhu Dingping, who was in charge of the incident. We publicly promise that we will never transfer your membership information and not participate in the business competition of downstream customers. This is our bottom line, and that’s what we are saying."

alone doesn’t solve the problem. Those big retail KA have not yet fully opened up resources and will only exchange resources when they do some activities together.

instead, the mother and baby stores are more willing to accept POS, because it does bring them a lot of convenience, such as membership management that they didn’t want to do before.

can imagine those rooted in the community, district not only has a relatively fixed customer base of maternal stores, in maternal stores face more and more, traffic was diverted while constantly competing reality, how to welcome someone to help them.

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