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Openbiz application development step

Openbiz is a metadata based framework, so the application development process may be different from the traditional development of

· step 1: collect requirements

· step 2: design the data model, for example: data structure

· step 3: write business objects, including data objects and their metadata

· step 4:, write user interfaces, including forms and views,

· step 5:, if required, write custom data, forms, or service objects

· step 6: optimizing metadata and custom code

· step 7: testing and debugging

steps 3 and 4 are all about editing XML metadata, and you can edit them with your favorite XML or text editor. Openbiz Cubi also contains a set of tools to help you quickly generate or edit these metadata.

manages metadata

introduces metadata

The core idea of

Openbiz is that he is a metadata driven mechanism, and what is metadata? Literally, metadata is a data component that describes data. It is "data about data."". In Openbiz, metadata files act as configuration files for the Openbiz class. All Openbiz kernel classes are generic classes. They are re endowed with different meanings from different metadata. They represent different transactions and relationships. For example: when the StudentDO.xml related to the BizDataObj class, the BizDataObj instance is a "student" object, but when the SchoolDO.xml related to the BizDataObj class, then this BizDataObj instance has become a "school" object.


because Openbiz is described by metadata, metadata file written as implementing a class, therefore, application development work most of the time is transformed into a metadata file written work, instead of the traditional programming. To describe applications through metadata will make them clearer and more logical.

What can

metadata achieve:

· describes the property of the object

· describes relationships between objects

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