Brainstorm an e commerce user experience of the family network

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‘s third brainstorming has ended successfully. The team’s theme is to analyze the user experience of the family network. Group of four roles respectively for UI designers, product manager, SEO staff, in group made a deep discussion and exchange after our theme and produce the PPT, take the opportunity to explain the process of the PPT record with you to share. (statement: all of the following views and discussions are only the consensus of our group, not the official point of view. If approved, we would like to discuss it. If there is any doubt, we will accept it with open arms and welcome to continue our discussion.


colleague said: everyone is a user experience division, each person to the understanding of the user experience are not the same as the traditional user experience from the presentation layer, frame layer, structure layer, and this layer has 5 strategic elements to discuss the results, as different people have different views, a storm down little harvest after all, what is the others. The purpose of our group is not to criticize or praise, but only one to find our own ideas, to innovation and development. Therefore, this requires that we have to find a basis for the analysis of user experience.

our group has been studied from the characteristics of electronic commerce, electronic commerce with the most popular language to explain is to use the Internet to carry out business activities, this is the popular business transaction. The perfect trading process is realized through the Internet, of course, now because of the characteristics of some commodities (expensive, heavy, large items) developed online experience offline transactions can also be called e-commerce. Now that it comes to transactions, we’ll restore a shopping scenario:

address: a shopping mall

characters: boss, customer,

dialogue is as follows:

customer: how about socks for the boss,


boss: 10 yuan.

customer: don’t you sell it for 8 yuan?

boss: sell.

customer: what about the quality,


boss: one month wear out, free returns.

then the customer pays, the boss gives the goods, and completes the whole deal.


ten days later,

customer: boss, look, the socks are broken.

boss: it’s OK. I’ll give you a new one in a month.


complete after-sales service link.

the whole link is embodied in the e-commerce link, namely: Commodity integration – experience – payment – delivery – after-sales service. Scissors business was founded in the early to bring more benefits to many businessmen, because without the limitations of time and space constraints, but then the problems exposed: money not suck, logistics delivery, customer service service.

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