Discussion on promotion steps of QQ station construction station

July 25, 2017 0 Comments

first of all, the author is also one of the QQ station owners. Introduce how a QQ station starts from 0IP.

chooses a good and practical domain name. The domain name with QQ is the first choice for most people. Choose a good server, without too much money to invest for the most novice webmaster, can choose to use the virtual host, but you must keep the virtual host can always access, speed fast, one often cannot access or open speed is slower than a snail crawling speed, spiders and visitors is not love.

QQ (DEDECMS), and the first choice. The new cloud station system (newasp) etc.. The div+css template is best used for site templates, and you can use the CMS default style if you don’t make or install templates. So many Q stations do. First, the map is convenient, and the two is the official optimization, really good.

want Baidu and GG included, in fact, very simple, QQ station generally do not have any bad information, so want to Baidu included, just send a few links to the forum cited. Can be hyperlinks or website addresses. Recommend to Admin5, seowhy, general in 1~15 days. Often download logs to view spider crawling records.

included, the first thing to do is to update 1~10 articles every day, it is better not to collect, collect the other talk. New sites do not add too much article, will be another search engine resentment, individual websites to talk about. Continue to update the article, probably in about 15 days, Baidu will update your snapshot, and some stand a little slower, need to go to the forum from time to time.

about a month snapshot should also normal, that is to optimize the time, when it comes to new on-line optimization, at first don’t try for web page optimization, QQ station than the chain is strong, how much, but have to ignore the important content. The content of a website is bad, won’t stay long, individual website we do not talk first.

QQ site outside the chain from the web site, directory station, link exchange, blog links, bookmarks, and soft, there are many ways to obtain the forum signature, not that one, as long as you are willing to spend time outside the chain, just a simple thing, pay attention to the chain of fitness and to pay special attention to, don’t. A fast increase too many links.

web site, directory station has free landing, there are charges landing, and their own experience.

link exchange, exchange links, can also be added to the QQ group, also can communicate with more webmaster, pay attention to the other side of the link station and good character, good a station and you video chat link, Zhibuding second days to withdraw the link, useful to you


blog links, and some blogs can link the home page, such as with the dispatch, the end of the world and so on. Wangzhuan forum. Sina, NetEase are also many webmaster choice, blogbus is also good, you can try. >

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