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July 25, 2017 0 Comments

a lot of people do not know what is LOGO, LOGO is actually links with other websites and to sign other websites and portals, INTERNET is called "Internet", that can be connected between each site. To let others walk into your website, you must provide a portal for them to enter. LOGO logo is the product of modern economy, modern logo carries the intangible assets of enterprises, and is the medium of enterprise comprehensive information transmission. As the most important part of enterprise CIS strategy, logo is the most widely used, the highest frequency and the most critical element in the process of corporate image transmission. Enterprise’s strong overall strength, perfect management mechanism, high quality products and services are all included in the logo. Through constant stimulation and repeated characterizations, they are deeply left in the audience’s heart. The essence of a logo is its function. Although the logo of art design has ornamental value, it is not for the purpose of viewing but for the purpose of utility. Sign is an indispensable tool for people to carry out production activities and social activities. A common sign of human, such as public signs, traffic signs, safety signs, signs and other operations; for the country and area, city, nation and family special flag emblem and other signs; for the social organizations, enterprises, and special activities such as righteousness, emblem, emblem, emblem and social standard; for some special goods the brand of the product; as well as the collective or personal belongings special, such as a stamp, signature, signature, signature, mark, each with unique features can not be replaced. A sign of force of law; especially a special mission to safeguard the rights and interests.

design of specific things, events, scenes and abstract spirit, idea and direction fixed by a special graphics, so that people see the LOGO at the same time, natural association, so as to identify the enterprise. Enterprises only have good LOGO is not enough, but also choose the website domain name, logo and business are closely related, is essential for the daily operations of enterprises, advertising, cultural construction, foreign exchange elements, it is with the growth of enterprises, its value is increasing, as can be imagined, the importance of logo design. Therefore, the long-term vision of the company attaches great importance to LOGO design and understand the role of LOGO in the early period of business, good design is undoubtedly an important carrier of the accumulation of intangible assets, after, if not able to objectively reflect the characteristics of the spirit of enterprise, industry, scientific modeling beautiful signs, and other enterprises to develop, make changes in the adjustment. Will cause unnecessary waste and loss of enterprise.

LOGO is an important manifestation of the image of the site. As far as a website is concerned, LOGO is the business card of the website. As for the pursuit of a beautiful site, LOGO is its soul, the so-called "classic".

LOGO makes it easy for the audience to choose. A good LOGO often reflects certain information about the site and its producers, especially for a commercial site

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