Baidu k my home page on my birthday

July 25, 2017 0 Comments

early heard Admin5 group inside there is a novel, station optimization master. So I wear a night stalker, finally did not impress him. This is to continue to play my power is lost to all sense of shame, was told by K home page. Have to turn to friendship assistance, they learned that my home page was K, reflected in different ways, in general, four words – – gloat. 001 said, "congratulations."! Receive such a nice gift in the birthday, you will have a better understanding of SEO, gratifying!" It was kind of pleasant, so I put up with it! Asked my cheap master, leaning on the clouds to listen to the wind, he came to the sentence, "home page is very important?"" This ox, so I continue to endure! Finally in Longmen Eagle one, "your station was K!" Burst out! The boy had been looking forward to the day!

ask for help, as well as yourself, stay in Admin5 for a long time, Buddha will do the station. Looking for a large number of articles on the reasons for Baidu’s K station, there is still no clue. K station is mentioned because of the large number of keywords, keyword stuffing, I Staveley, directly over the. Halo, I also want to pile up, but this is not too late to be k it?! Optimization too much more pull, I rookie Hey! Is it optimized? The station of pornography and political speech, or the station against Baidu’s offensive language, is prone to too many K and content alliances, and this is even more off my side! A large number of Baidu know advertising or posting to Post Bar flow, I have the intention, not the implementation! Exclude! There are too many domain names on the same website. It seems that I have only one domain name to exclude! By K’s friendship link, this is even more impossible, although I stand small and bad, but I put her as a baby like, for this reason, every day to check the friendship link. Do not do and Baidu know similar content sites, as well as malicious reports to Baidu, directly ruled out! It doesn’t seem like anything. Hey, only the last one is possible. Baidu thinks it’s a garbage dump. But I update it every day!

fortunately, cheap. Master, give me advice about a little. Although just a few words, but it is a few words, Baidu three days later again included my station’s home page. I look upon cloud master station training, "the novel is Fei station acquisition error, a reduction. /User/Messages.aspx; to=badmin& title=; star farmers! Ugly dead, collect me,, I’m the starter, not so many black words. The novel has its own acquisition station is also the best watermark, you hit 2 others watermark, let alone not flow, flow also contribute out. Let Baidu think you are very formal, preferably starter, he dare not despise you. The best way is to generate a large amount of search in the short run to retrieve your website name. This will make you feel important and give you a very high weight, so you can put the original in obvious positions, such as the location of the 1 kind of links. What? The location of the 1 type of link is unknown Dizzy! Too stupid!"

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